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What is BeOnHome? This is a starter pack of bulbs and modules that serve a variety of different purposes. One way that this is a great concept is because it can help to deter burglaries in your home. This system learns your lighting pattern and keeps up with it even when you are not home.This will make a burglar think that someone is home when they are not. It can even turn on when the doorbell is rung, a tactic that some robbers use when they are about to break into a home.


As if these things were not cool enough, imagine having protection for your home in case the power goes out. This system offers a user up to 4 hours of emergency lighting after the power goes out. Additionally,this emergency system will react to your smoke detectors and turn on the lights in your home when they go off so that people can get out of the home safely.

This technology works with apps for both the iOS and Android phones.


These light bulbs are incredibly easy to use, which is great for those people who may not be as technologically advanced. You can easily set them up using the app, following the step by step instructions. Even better,these light bulbs seem to work exactly as they are promised. What you may not know is that the modular design that this system has allows for upgrades as this system gets better. Finally, you can be happy knowing that the quality of the light bulbs is very similar to the traditional 60 watt light bulbs.


There are some downsides to this technology. There are some features that you are commonly able to find in other similar products, which can be disappointing for some users. This is especially true since it does have so many other impressive features. Among these features include basic scheduling features that can be found in other brand’s offerings as well as 3rd party integration features that work with other smart home technologies.

The BeOnHome system is everything that it promises. It may be a more expensive product than some others but you are paying for the high level of quality that this product offers as well as an impressive set of features. This can offer you a great peace of mind that makes it worth every penny. Get them here!

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