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Point is a simple solution that providesexcellent results. It can offer you the peace of mind that you need, withoutbreaking your bank account.

It is the perfect system to use in place ofsensors, or cameras, especially where your AirBNB customers don’t wantsomething that impacts their privacy. Think of it as keeping your finger on thepulse of your home or AirBNB rental, Point creates the heartbeat. Whenever youare away from home, or you’re renting your AirBNB to lots of different peopleall the time, you know exactly what is happening in the home.

I set it up in my AirBNB rental on theSunshine Coast in Queensland and found out that the promise that it’s supersensitive to sound was true. However, it can tell the difference between normalsounds and dangerous sounds. So if my windows get smashed, of if my guests arepartying too loudly, I’m going to get a notification immediately. If somethingserious is going down in my house I can react instantly.


It isn’t going to pick up on soft movementslike footsteps or even music, however an alarm or a loud boom will be recorded.It even takes note of the air, it alerts you if humidity is high, or if a smokedetector, or CO2 alarm, goes off.

It also operates by Wi-Fi so there is no needto worry about cords.

It’s incredibly simple to maintain, too, thereis no set up required or a need to charge it. It comes with a battery and itonly needs changed once a year. That is the only “upkeep” that is required tomaintain your Point system.

It’s also really small, it looks very muchlike a small smoke detector might, but provides you with an enormous amount ofsecurity. All you need to do is put it in your home and let it go (you canattach it to the wall with double sided tape, or screw). You can access the appat any time and set the preferences for how you would like to be updated.

You can go out and not worry about what’shappening at home, because you know if something is going down Point is goingto notify you as soon as it picks up on an issue


It connects via WiFi, so if WiFi is down thenyou’re not going to get notifications.

If you live in an area where break-ins areparticularly common, then you may want to invest in a more robust system.


Point senses what is in the air and listens tothe sounds of your home and alerts you to issues.

In addition to making you feel safer aboutyour security when you’re not home it’s ideal if you have frequent guests.

If you run a guest house or you happen to be anAirBnB host it’s ideal to let you know whether guests are smoking, or causingother issues. It even knows if it’s been tampered with.

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Parrot Flower

Parrot Flower 4

The Parrot Flower Power is a piece of technology that was created for plant lovers that want to ensure that your plants stay within the ideal ranges for them to thrive. Every plant is different, which is why this can be a great tool to assess each plant to ensure everything is fine. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and it analyzes more than just the temperature of the plant. This amazing piece of technology also analyses things like moisture, sunlight, and fertiliser so that you can make sure that you are doing everything that you can to give this plant the best chance of survival.

The Parrot Flower Power will send this information via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone, allowing you to monitor your plant situation. With this information, you will be able to take a close look at what you need to fix to give your plants the best chance of survival.

Parrot Flower 5
Parrot Flower 6


The Parrot Flower Power device does a lot of work to collect a wide array of plant-relative data that is necessary to get accurately and uses this to make recommendations based on the specific plant that you are growing. This product is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is place it in the soil near the plant, then pick your plant from this extensive database. If you find that you are having some problems with your plants and want to figure out why, this is a great tool to use. It also comes at a great price.

The problem is that it can work a little more on the slow side, which can be a bit annoying for users who want to get ahead of any problems with their plants. It also only really syncs through Bluetooth, which means that you need to be near the device to actually use it. That means that you are not able to monitor your plants while you are out. Finally, this item only works with newer iOS smartphones and tablets.

Overall, the Parrot Flower Power does exactly what it says it will. You can track all sorts of data about your plants, which definitely appeals to those people who are interested in using gathering such a large amount of data about your plants. You also have the opportunity to see what maybe slowing the growth of your plants or killing them by tracking different aspects of the plants life. By knowing things like it needs more sunlight or more moisture, you can help turn your plants around. Get yours here!

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What is BeOnHome? This is a starter pack of bulbs and modules that serve a variety of different purposes. One way that this is a great concept is because it can help to deter burglaries in your home. This system learns your lighting pattern and keeps up with it even when you are not home.This will make a burglar think that someone is home when they are not. It can even turn on when the doorbell is rung, a tactic that some robbers use when they are about to break into a home.


As if these things were not cool enough, imagine having protection for your home in case the power goes out. This system offers a user up to 4 hours of emergency lighting after the power goes out. Additionally,this emergency system will react to your smoke detectors and turn on the lights in your home when they go off so that people can get out of the home safely.

This technology works with apps for both the iOS and Android phones.


These light bulbs are incredibly easy to use, which is great for those people who may not be as technologically advanced. You can easily set them up using the app, following the step by step instructions. Even better,these light bulbs seem to work exactly as they are promised. What you may not know is that the modular design that this system has allows for upgrades as this system gets better. Finally, you can be happy knowing that the quality of the light bulbs is very similar to the traditional 60 watt light bulbs.


There are some downsides to this technology. There are some features that you are commonly able to find in other similar products, which can be disappointing for some users. This is especially true since it does have so many other impressive features. Among these features include basic scheduling features that can be found in other brand’s offerings as well as 3rd party integration features that work with other smart home technologies.

The BeOnHome system is everything that it promises. It may be a more expensive product than some others but you are paying for the high level of quality that this product offers as well as an impressive set of features. This can offer you a great peace of mind that makes it worth every penny. Get them here!

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You have seen people using those ridiculous looking selfie sticks and probably mocked them to yourself. With PicBot, you get a new alternative that looks a lot less insane. This is a device that is a motorised mount for your smartphone, which is controlled by the smartphone app. Through the app,the user gains access to a variety of functions that make the most out of your smartphone camera. It has facial tracking and auto tracking technology, making your smartphone a hands-free photography and videography machine. You do not need to have a remote for the camera as long as you have this highly innovative device. The PicBot connects to your phone via Bluetooth and can rotate a full 360 degrees. It can even track up to 3 faces and can create panoramic views.



One of the things that makes this an incredibly desirable product is the fact that allows you to move around or record people that are moving around without worrying about blurry photos or get that shaky video that often happens when people record videos on their smartphone. It works automatically for those people who may not be as professional with their photography skills or there are manual features for those professionals that want more control over their pictures. This is a product that is perfect for use by a variety of people. If you are a YouTuber, this is going to be an item that you absolutely need. This will also be a great item if you want to take family photos or videos that will help the memories last longer. It even has editing software so that you can really create the best photos and videos. There are so many features that you get with PicBot that you may not even need to use all of them.

One problem is that some people may not want to pay this much money for a smartphone accessory. At that price, this would only be for people who have a specific need for this type of product rather than just people who love a cool smartphone accessory.


If you have the money and are willing to spend it, the PicBot is an incredibly useful accessory. If you are a person who wants to get into making high quality YouTube videos, you will need this. This is great for people who love to take a lot of family photos. There are a lot of people who could use this motorised smartphone mount that it is definitely worth it to purchase this item.

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The iSensor Patio is a fully enclosed camera that has an integrated microphone that has an audio sensor as well as a motion sensor.  When the camera senses motion or audio, a push picture alert and a push text alert are sent to your smart phone.  It records HD video quality, choosing the best resolution that is possible based upon your bandwidth. The camera has a 1.0 megapixel lens that has a light sensor, which helps the camera consider if the intruder warning light is necessary.  If the camera decides that there is a need for a warning, it will begin to flash the intruder light and make a siren noise.

This camera has a mechanical tilt and pan feature, which helps to get a complete view of the space. It has a 240 degree viewing angle that does not have any distortion as the camera can rotate 180 degrees. You are able to move this camera around through the mobile app. You can use a USB battery pack or you could use an outlet to power the camera. You can also choose between either a black or white color camera, if this is something that is important to you.


You can use the iSensor Patio with your Google Drive account, which gives you free cloud storage for your videos, up to 15GB. It also has its own internal storage, where you can store up to 4GB of data. This can be used to buffer the video before it goes up on the crowd. It is also weather resistant, which is definitely an important feature to have for an outdoor camera. You can live stream through your app from this camera, which is a great feature to take note of.

One downside of this camera is that it does not do very well in the dark. If you have a patio light that is motion sensor or always on at night, this will be a little bit helpful though it still may not work that well. It is also not currently available on iTunes yet, which means that iOS users cannot use the smartphone features. Finally, this camera is on the pricier end of the spectrum which may not be very ideal for some people.


The iSensor Patio is a really great camera that can enhance the security of your home. If you want a reliable option, this is a great one for you to consider. Be sure to look into the pros and cons before deciding but you will definitely see this as a perfect option for you. Get your iSensor here!

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Everkey Security

Everkey Security 14

Everykey is a piece of wearable smart technology that you wear on your wrist. The goal of this product is to take the place of your digital and your physical keys, giving you one convenient item to hold onto this precious information. Through using your computer devices, you can manage your Everykey and connect it to your various password accounts as well as connecting them to various locks. What is important to note is that the passwords are not actually stored on the wristband or outside servers. The device has software on it that encrypts the passwords and when it identifies itself, it unlocks the keychain and allows it to supply the passwords. If you lose the device, you can go to the website to deactivate it. Other security measures that EveryKey uses,which includes a Bluetooth messaging system that will constantly change as to prevent hackers.

Everkey Security 15
Everkey Security 16


All of this sounds great but is this a device that you can trust? It has a lot of security features that you can really count on. EveryKey does work on a variety of devices including cars, your house if you have a smart lock, your phone, laptop and even your website accounts. The fact that it can help keep track of your website account passwords alone can be incredibly useful, especially since there are so many websites that you often need to keep track of. When this device is compared to other similar devices, EveryKey has a better battery life and comes at a cheaper price.

This one key solution part of the market is heating up however, so the challenge for EveryKey is to ensure that it can get its product to market and provide the highest level of security. Also they will need to think about other usesof the security of this product given one key solutions will fast become a crowded marketplace.


There are a lot of passwords and smart technology for us to keep up with these days. It is exactly for that reason that people need to find a solution that will help make all of this a little less complicated for them. If you want to add in some simplicity into your life, getting an EveryKey wristband could give you the assistance that you have been hoping for.