CabinR Electronic Anti-theft Travel Backpack & Messenger Bag

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For delivery to Australia and New Zealand with a 12 month warranty.

How it Works?

The bags include a detachable security blanket designed with multiple circuit boards that connect to highly sensitive motion sensors. After the user arms the security system by simply placing a unique RFID key card on top of the device, the bag will emit a loud alarm if the sensors detect theft activity. Normal movement won't trigger the alarm, but abnormal orientations or tampering will.

CabinR technology is safe to use on planes

The RFID technology does not conflict with in-flight communication devices – and the sensors are designed to distinguish between user activity or turbulence and an attempted robbery. The Lithium-Ion Polymer battery is 50 times smaller than the limit on airlines and thus is flight-permitted.

Fool-proof technology

When the alarm is triggered, a buzzer will generate a loud siren (95dB) until it's deactivated by using the unique RFID key card or by entering in a user-defined combination code. The alarm itself cannot be easily compromised, as the siren is too loud to be muffled and the buzzer location is hidden from sight – there is no "OFF" button for would-be thieves to locate.

The travel bags look great and function well with the underlying anti-theft technology. The key clip and pen slots and organizational pockets make them perfect for the cluttered traveler, and the luggage strap helps you race toward your gate with ease.

CabinR bags are much more than security systems

Besides the security system, CabinR Travel Bags are fully equipped to meet the needs of the modern traveler as well as for everyday use. Both bags are water repellent and include a laptop compartment, phone pocket, magnetic headphone dock, and sunglasses band. The Discovery Travel Backpack also features, among others, a shoe compartment, water bottle pockets, charging port and comfort shoulder straps.


Special Features

300D Polyester Cation Water- Repellent Fabric

Detachable Anti Theft Security Blanket

Magnetic Headphone Dock

Quick Access Pocket

Phone Pocket

Charge Port

15-Inch Laptop Compartment

Sunglasses Band

Organizational Pockets

Key Clip + Pen Slots

Reflective Band

Luggage Strap

Shoe Compartment

Lockable Zippers



16.1” (W) x 5.5” (D) x 10.6” (H)
41cm (W) x 14cm (D) x 27cm (H)




Excl. Security Blanket: 0.98 kg

Incl. Security Blanket: 1.12 kg

Detachable Anti Theft Security Blanket

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