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Everkey Security

Everkey Security 1

Everykey is a piece of wearable smart technology that you wear on your wrist. The goal of this product is to take the place of your digital and your physical keys, giving you one convenient item to hold onto this precious information. Through using your computer devices, you can manage your Everykey and connect it to your various password accounts as well as connecting them to various locks. What is important to note is that the passwords are not actually stored on the wristband or outside servers. The device has software on it that encrypts the passwords and when it identifies itself, it unlocks the keychain and allows it to supply the passwords. If you lose the device, you can go to the website to deactivate it. Other security measures that EveryKey uses,which includes a Bluetooth messaging system that will constantly change as to prevent hackers.

Everkey Security 2
Everkey Security 3


All of this sounds great but is this a device that you can trust? It has a lot of security features that you can really count on. EveryKey does work on a variety of devices including cars, your house if you have a smart lock, your phone, laptop and even your website accounts. The fact that it can help keep track of your website account passwords alone can be incredibly useful, especially since there are so many websites that you often need to keep track of. When this device is compared to other similar devices, EveryKey has a better battery life and comes at a cheaper price.

This one key solution part of the market is heating up however, so the challenge for EveryKey is to ensure that it can get its product to market and provide the highest level of security. Also they will need to think about other usesof the security of this product given one key solutions will fast become a crowded marketplace.


There are a lot of passwords and smart technology for us to keep up with these days. It is exactly for that reason that people need to find a solution that will help make all of this a little less complicated for them. If you want to add in some simplicity into your life, getting an EveryKey wristband could give you the assistance that you have been hoping for.

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