GoBone Interactive App-Enabled Smart Bone for Dogs

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  • Automatic, all-day exercise and play: Add a renewed peace of mind to your day knowing your dog is happy and entertained
  • App control: Instantly take control of GoBone and turn it into a gaming device for you and your dog. Compatible with iPhones running iOS 9.0 or later and smartphones running Android v4.3 or later
  • Personalized entertainment: GoBone automatically adjusts its behavior based on age, weight, breed, and play style to engage your dog longer and more often
  • Replaceable parts: The exterior is replaceable so you don’t have to buy a new GoBone if your dog shows it a little too much love
  • Safety and Durability: GoBone is made of tough, FDA food-grade materials
  • Dog-proof quick-release buttons allow you to remove the parts that come in contact with your dog. Wash them if they’re dirty or replace them with new ones if they’re worn out
  • For FREE delivery to Australia, New Zealand and Asia with a 12 month warranty

Entertain Your Dog, Even When You’re Busy

GoBone moves on its own to keep your dog entertained throughout the day. In Auto Play mode, GoBone moves for 10 minutes and sleeps for 20 minutes to give your dog enough time to rest. It'll repeat this pattern every 30 minutes for up to 8 hours. To maximize engagement, GoBone’s intelligent software personalizes its movement based on your dog’s age, weight and breed.

Level-up Playtime

Turn GoBone into an interactive entertainment device for you and your dog with the GoBone App. Drive GoBone around your home with your dog in hot pursuit. Download the free GoBone app on the App Store or on Google Play. iPhone running iOS 9.0+ or Android smartphone running Android 4.3+ required.

Easy to Clean and Charge

Removable exterior makes it easy to disassemble GoBone for cleaning and charging.

Long Battery Life for All-day Play

GoBone’s rechargeable battery lasts 8 hours in Auto Play mode.

Bonding Mode

The GoBone App includes a step-by-step process to ensure that your dog falls in love with their GoBone.

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