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Point is a simple solution that providesexcellent results. It can offer you the peace of mind that you need, withoutbreaking your bank account.

It is the perfect system to use in place ofsensors, or cameras, especially where your AirBNB customers don’t wantsomething that impacts their privacy. Think of it as keeping your finger on thepulse of your home or AirBNB rental, Point creates the heartbeat. Whenever youare away from home, or you’re renting your AirBNB to lots of different peopleall the time, you know exactly what is happening in the home.

I set it up in my AirBNB rental on theSunshine Coast in Queensland and found out that the promise that it’s supersensitive to sound was true. However, it can tell the difference between normalsounds and dangerous sounds. So if my windows get smashed, of if my guests arepartying too loudly, I’m going to get a notification immediately. If somethingserious is going down in my house I can react instantly.


It isn’t going to pick up on soft movementslike footsteps or even music, however an alarm or a loud boom will be recorded.It even takes note of the air, it alerts you if humidity is high, or if a smokedetector, or CO2 alarm, goes off.

It also operates by Wi-Fi so there is no needto worry about cords.

It’s incredibly simple to maintain, too, thereis no set up required or a need to charge it. It comes with a battery and itonly needs changed once a year. That is the only “upkeep” that is required tomaintain your Point system.

It’s also really small, it looks very muchlike a small smoke detector might, but provides you with an enormous amount ofsecurity. All you need to do is put it in your home and let it go (you canattach it to the wall with double sided tape, or screw). You can access the appat any time and set the preferences for how you would like to be updated.

You can go out and not worry about what’shappening at home, because you know if something is going down Point is goingto notify you as soon as it picks up on an issue


It connects via WiFi, so if WiFi is down thenyou’re not going to get notifications.

If you live in an area where break-ins areparticularly common, then you may want to invest in a more robust system.


Point senses what is in the air and listens tothe sounds of your home and alerts you to issues.

In addition to making you feel safer aboutyour security when you’re not home it’s ideal if you have frequent guests.

If you run a guest house or you happen to be anAirBnB host it’s ideal to let you know whether guests are smoking, or causingother issues. It even knows if it’s been tampered with.

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