532nm 50mW Green Laser Linear Marking Locator With Adapter Fan Laser Module

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Surface treatment: anode black
Output wavelength: 532 + 10nm
Output power: 5mW
Circuit control: ACC
Working voltage: DC=3V
Working current: 600mA
Working temperature: +20℃-30℃
Storage temperature: -20℃60℃
Spot form: spot
Beam form: continuous line
Focus: fixed focus
Range: ≥1500
Outline dimension: 65*32*32mm
Working hours: at room temperature (25℃) Sustainable Lighting for more than 4 hours,
the body heat, please shut down to be used after cooling, which is conducive to the life of the product.
1, laser do not look at the eyes, do not look directly into the light hole.
2, pay attention to the use of the environment, do not have dust or heavy fog occasions to use,
to avoid sticking to the surface of the glass surface, affecting the quality of the spot.
3, after use should be placed in the place where children can not touch, so as not to cause accidental injury.
Package included:
1 x Laser(with stand)
1 x Fan(wiht screw)
1 x Adaptor (according your country distribution adapter)

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