60pcs RGB LED Diode 8mm Red/Green/Blue 4 Pin Light Emitting Diode

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Feature:Size: 8mmShape: RoundEmitted Colour : Red / Green / BlueLens Color : DiffusedLuminous Intensity: 200-300/800-100/300-400mcdForward Voltage (V) : 1.9-2.1v 3.0-3.4vView Angle: About 25 degree.Pins sequence: RED / Common Anode (positive terminal) / Green / BlueMaximum reverse voltage: VR 5 (v)Forward DC current: 20mADescription:Red2.0V-2.2V minimum forward voltage, 20mA622-625nm dominant wavelengthGreen3.2V-3.4V minimum forward voltage, 20mA520-525nm dominant wavelengthBlue3.0-3.2V minimum forward voltage, 20mA465-468nm dominant wavelengthCommon Anode – LEDs share Ground (postive input), but have separate Vdd (negative input)Package includes:60 x LED diodes


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