Amaryllo Apollo: Biometric Auto Tracking PTZ Security Camera with Face Recognition

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● Apollo can live stream in 1080p Full HD from anywhere so you can always see your home! Use the free Amaryllo app available on Apple (iOS) and Android mobile devices. Apollo is only compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi network.
● Get notifications when sound/motions are detected and use Video Playback Alert to review the last 10 seconds of any notification at a glance!
● 360° Auto Tracking eliminates the need for multiple cameras facing different positions. Say goodbye to blind spots and be immediately alerted to potential threats, even from behind! Use Blockout and Activity Zones to cut down on false alarms cause by background movement.
● Fast Facial Recognition means that your family members can be recognized in seconds! You can even get alerts when the kids get home from school!
● Your data protection is extremely important to us so we deploy the highest security protection of 256-bit Military Grade Encryption.

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Product Description

Apollo is small and discreet enough to sit on a table in your home or office, or mounted to any wall. This advanced biometric security camera can auto track moving objects 360° and recognize family members within seconds. Receive motion, audio, and face alert notifications that can help keep your home and family safe and secure! Take action to protect your home, even when you aren’t around. Sound the alarm or use the two-way communication to warn unrecognized persons away from your property whilst you contact the authorities. From the free smartphone app, you can live stream, review footage and upgrade your subscription plan to unlock biometric features such as fire, human, vehicle and pet recognition.




Fire Warning



fire warning


Fire Warning Snapshot

Receive an immediate fire warning notification when possible fire is recognized. You can tap on the green icon to make a quick phone call to get emergency services before too much damage is done and locate the cause of the fire.



Fire Warning Support

Amaryllo debuts the revolutionary fire alert for smart homeowners. Amaryllo employs state-of-the-art cloud intelligence technology to spot fire hazards and dispatch fire warning alerts via push notifications on the mobile app. Amaryllo uses real-time picture frame analysis to identify changes on the premise and can alert you of a fire which could be spotted.

  • This system is not intended to replace fire or smoke detectors, it can only spot the possible fire on-premise.
  • Amaryllo biometric auto-tracking robotic camera could recognize the fire within 20 feet.
  • Available on select plans













Object Detection

Apollo can differentiate between Human, Pet, and Vehicle with object detection. Know immediately what’s going on with instant push notifications.









Auto Tracking

360° Auto Tracking or Remote Pan and Tilt

Never miss a moment by eliminating blind spots with the 360° viewing coverage.









Pet Detection

Pet Detection

Do you ever wish you knew what your pets were up to when you’re out of the house? Much like our human and vehicle detection features, the pet detection feature allows users to be informed on what their camera is seeing directly from a notification on their phone. Spot dogs, cats and birds from up to 20 feet away! It’s available on select plans.



path track

Path Tracking

What if you could see the path pattern when a thief broke in your house? Amaryllo’s biometric cameras offer path tracking technologies to allow homeowners to quickly identify the path movement in one glance! Amaryllo’s path tracking technology uses AI analytics to record recent human activity and compile path data. The app is then able to display the last ten spots where a human has been detected around your home. It’s available on select plans.



heat map

Human Mapping

What if you could see the most frequented areas around your home after a thief broke in? Amaryllo’s biometric cameras offer heat map, the advanced technology that allows homeowners to quickly identify the most trafficked spots in one glance! Our biometric Heat Mapping technology analyzes an area over a period of time to calculate which spots are most commonly occupied by people. Using this data you can see where your family members usually gather in your house, and which spots are most neglected. The data is displayed with a color gradient, red indicating most visited and blue indicating least visited. The Heat mapping image is updated every hour and data is refreshed by the end of the day. It’s available on select plans.




256-bit Military Grade Encryption

Amaryllo employs 256-bit military grade encryption which is one of the most secure encryption methods after 128- and 192-bit encryption, and it used in most modern encryption algorithms, protocols and technologies including AES and SSL.




Pet Detection


path track


heat map










  atom2 AR2 Fairy Hermes Ares Triton
  Apollo Zeus Fairy Hermes Ares Triton
Internet Connection Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi / Ethernet Wi-Fi / Ethernet
Remote Control Pan / Titl / Zoom 360° Auto Tracking 360° Auto Tracking 360° Viewing Angle 240° Auto Tracking 360° Auto Tracking 360° Auto Tracking
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Indoor Indoor Indoor Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Resolution 1080p FHD 1080p FHD 720p HD 720p HD 1080p FHD 1080p FHD
Two-Way Communication
Motion-Activated Notifications
Customizable Motion Detection
256-bit Military Level Encryption
Facial Recognition
Infrared Night Vision







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