BlueKing NX2 bluetooth 4.0 Speakers Mp3 83dBA Support Touch Sensing TF Card AUX

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[bluetooth Chip] CSR8 series chip +MP3.
[bluetooth Audio] bluetooth4.0+EDR, the maximum receive distance of 10
[bluetooth Talk] bluetooth voice is clear and has no echo.
[Voice answer] When incomming, need not operation keys, you can say yes / no,
answer and hang up the call and release your hands completely.
[Incoming Number Play]The caller ID can play e current number.
[Play Music] direct play TF card stored in the MP3 file or the music of the
bluetooth device.
[Audio Input] stereo audio input interface, easy to connect computer, digital
music player, mobile phone and other audio equipment.
[break-point memory] TF mode of the last exit of the mode.
[Built in battery] Built in rechargeable lithium battery, environmental protection,
energy saving and practical.
[Touch button]Touch capacitive touch sensing, Easy to touch.
[Auto PowerOff] In order to better protect the electric energy, prolong the use
time of the battery, the product is 5 minutes, the power is automatically pow


★Output power: 5W
★Working voltage: 3.7V
★Frequency response: 200Hz-20KHz
★SNR: more than 83dBA
★Distortion: 1%
★Audio input: bluetooth, TF card, AUX
★Support MP3: bit rate, 32Kbps-320Kbps
★Speaker unit: 50mm, double magnetic suspension resonance, 16 co, 4
★Input power: 3.7V 1000mAh or an external DC5V of the polymer rechargeable battery
★Regulation: key adjustment
★Weight: about 210g
★Roduct 550 mm
★Packing size: 190 x 180 x 65 mm
Package Included:1 X Mini speaker
1 X Charging line 
1 X AUX Line
1 X Instruction 
Note:In order to use the player correctly, make sure the player is in good
performance, please read and follow:
seriously impact the host.
Do not contact benzene, diluent and other chemicals.
do not close to the strong magnetic field, electric field.
Please avoid direct light or heating appliances.
Do not disassemble, repair, renovation.
★ Cycling, driving the car and motorcycle, do not use the player and Headset, so
as to avoid danger.
★ Do not to listen to a larger volume, so as to avoid adverse effects on h
Difficult Solution:1) Q: boot on the automatic shutdown?
A: battery power is insufficient, please charge in time, it is recommended to
charge two hours after use.
2)Q: play blue lights have been automatically shut down or restart after the flash?
A: battery power is insufficient, please charge in time, it is recommended to
charge two hours after use.
3)Q: can not charge?
A: please use this machine to distribution of the charging line, and determine the
USB interface is connected to the normal voltage.
4) Q: charging red light or red light is very dark?
A: normal. If the battery is full or full of voltage, charging red light will not light or
very dark, in short, the battery is low, the red light when charging.
5)Q: no sound?
A: determine the playback status in the TF/ bluetooth /AUX mode, and adjust to
the appropriate volume.
6)Q:AUX no sound?
A:1, please use the machine to make the distribution of the audio line, and choose
the right audio output interface.
2, insert the AUX line, the contact is not good, did not automatically switch to AUX
3, external audio equipment volume is open.
7)Q: bluetooth will not automatically connect?
A:1, only the paired device, will automatically connect.
2, if the speaker into the bluetooth 10 seconds later to open the bluetooth device,
the speaker will not automatically connect.
3, the use of bluetooth in detail, please refer to the manual “sixth”.
8)Q: bluetooth no sound?
A:1, please confirm whether bluetooth has been successfully connected.
2, the volume of the bluetooth device has been turned on.
9)Q: buttons no functional or functional errors?
A: restart after power up.
10)Q: power normal crash how to do?
A: the product charge can be reset to activate.
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