DC 5V 3W Electric Mosquito Dispeller LED Light Killer Insect Fly Bug Zapper Trap Lamp

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Material: ABS
Color: Blue, Pink
Voltage: DC 5V 50Hz
Rated Power: 3W
Light: LED UV
Light Wave: 365~400nm
Applicable Area: 40 Square Meters
Dimensions: 140*140*250mm
Net Weight: 384g
– The UV light emitted by LED light lures mosquitoes and bugs near the trap lamp. Once they fly through the capture window, the built-in DC fan will suck them into the storage box. Then the mosquitoes just get trapped inside till their death.
– With no involvement of toxic chemical pesticides, this mosquito trap provides you a relief from the annoyance of biting mosquitoes and other pests
-The built-in DC fan is powerful to suck in mosquitoes and bugs, and meanwhile whisper-quiet, which does not affect your sleep at all
– Portable, serves as an attractive night lamp as well, with the beautiful design and modern looking
– Perfect for living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, Yoga centers, hospitals, cars, etc..
Ways to Use and Tips:
1. Connect USB to the power supply to use. When not used, cut off the power.
2. Before using the mosquito lamp indoors, close the window, door and light can make the mosquito killer work more efficiently.
3. Put the mosquito killer lamp about 1 meter away from the ground. At this height, the mosquito night lamp will have better diffusion effect and wider range of attracting mosquitoes.
4. When used in outdoors like camping or office, you can open the mosquito lamp in the evening, and mosquitoes can be killed by mosquito trap overnight.
5. Mosquito killer needs to be turned on for some time in advance. If it is opened just before you go to bed, the effectiveness of anti-mosquito will be reduced.
6. Don’t cut off the power immediately after the mosquito trap catches mosquitoes. Keep the fans running for some time to kill mosquitoes.
7. Please cut off the power before cleaning the mosquito killer. Unscrew the mosquito trap box and you can remove the bodies of mosquitoes easily.
8. No washing by water, no placing in the rain.
Package Included:
1x LED Mosquito Killer with USB Cable
More Details:
Weight0.87 kg



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