Electric Heated Gloves Podotheca Mitts Infrared Therapy Treatment Warmer

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Features:1. Keep warmth for the limbs to ensure a good sleep in cold weather.2. Promote the penetration of creams or medicinal lotions for beauty care(hand treatment) and wellness treatment.3. Use as a hot compress to alleviate sore pain such as Arthritis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia etc.Instructions for use:1. Smooth nails (toenails) to avoid piercing the inside linings.2. Plug in the unit and turn on to “Lo” setting; switch to “Hi” for a higher temperature, if necessary, after the unit gets warm.3. To complement the use of creams of lotions, cover the hands (feet) with Saran wrap.4. Unplug the unit and clean it with a piece of damp cloth. Description:Capable of emitting Far Infrared Ray (FIR) energy (wavelength of 8-6 micron meters), a vital energy for all living things, that invigorates cellular activities and improves blood circulation.A “Hi” and “Lo” settings to maintain a comfortable, Constant temperature.Hi = 50℃ – 65℃Lo = 40℃ – 50℃Type: 1. Podotheca  2. Gloves (Please choose a type.) Note:1. Important instruction retain for future use.2. Do not immerse the unit in water or liquid.3. Do not use the unit while asleep.4. Do not let children use the unit without adult supervision.5. Never operate the unit if the cord, plug or linings have been damaged.6. Keep the unit in flat shape without pressing or squeezing.7. Disconnect the power supply by pulling on the plug only, not on the cord nor on the unit itself.8. Store in a cool place while not in use.Package Included:1 x Electric Heated Gloves (Hand or Foot)More Details:


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