Geekcreit?® DIY Spherical Rotating LED Kit POV Soldering Training Kit

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Note: This is a DIY kit, you need to have some electronic knowledge and ability. SMD is unsoldered!!The kit has certain difficulty, please buy according to your own situation.Special note: According to some buyers feedback, CH340 TTL serial port cannot be used to download the microcontroller program, can only be used to the change words!Hardware parameters (error 2mm):Rotating motherboard long: 8.1cmRotation display diameter: 9.2cmSide panel high: 7.5cmSide round monochrome 56 LED displayAcrylic bottom box: 11 x 11 x 4.5cm (L x W x H) (excluding coil and the motor shaft)Features:2 set of text scrolling cycle (It can store 850 characters in Chinese/English): Through the remote control can stop scrolling, you can edit the text displayed by the PC software.Clock and date display: Build-in backup battery, after power-down remains working, you can set the time by remote control or changing the word software calibration time, is very convenient!Image display: Can continuous scrolling display pictures, can be displayed static image alone, too! Select mode by remote control. Photos must be a 64 pixel wide, the pixels long can be 10-200. (It can store 30 photos, should be black character on white background’s monochromatic photo)Memory mode: It will stay the mode when you shutdown (Note: Can only be one of the above three kinds of modes).Specification:Motor: 370Power supply: 5V external power / USB 5V or you can use DIY battery (battery does not includes)If you need TTL serial downloader to send the changes content to the microcontroller, please use your own downloader, this kit does not includes downloader.Package includes:1 x DIY Spherical Rotating LED Kit     

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