Igloohome Smart Electronic Deadbolt 2S, — Grant & Control Remote Access with Pin Code — Touch Screen Keypad with Built-in Alarm — Bluetooth Enabled — Works Offline — Works with Your Smartphone.

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● Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
● UNLOCK MECHANISM – Bluetooth, PIN code, Physical Keys, Thumb-turn
● BATTERIES – 4 x AA Alkaline (Non – Rechargeable)
● DOOR THICKNESS – 35mm (1-3/8”) to 60mm (2-3/8”)
● APP-ENABLED – Grant access to your home even when you’re away. With the igloohome mobile app, create PIN codes or bluetooth keys, and select how long you want them to be valid for. Send them to your visitors from the app.
● SECURITY – Be sure you’re secure with Auto close. Igloohome has Door sensors that will detect when the door is closed and the deadbolt with auto lock

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Product Description

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Reinvent Access with the Deadbolt 2S


The igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S provides the convenience of keyless access with the comfort of security. It is the world’s slimmest smart deadbolt, measuring at 11mm (less than ½ an inch) thickness for the front panel. The smart lock can be managed via PIN codes or Bluetooth keys, even offline, allowing for property management anywhere in the world. Igloohome offers a web dashboard and API integration for project partners, enterprises and co-living and co-sharing space management. Manage large numbers of igloohome devices and incorporate them into partner systems with igloohome’s smart access solutions.




3 Modes of Access


3 Modes of Access

Unlock via time sensitive PIN codes or Bluetooth keys that you can create and control on our free igloohome app. Physical keys are included as well for flexibility.




Blue Door


Works Offline

The Deadbolt 2S works with innovative technology involving encryption and synchronization, and does not require an internet connection.




Decoy code


Decoy Security Code

Enter up to 8 random digits before your password to reduce the risk of a PIN code being exposed by intruders checking for fingerprints.






App Enabled

Mobile App Enabled


Grant Access When You’re Away: With the igloohome mobile app, create unique PIN codes or Bluetooth keys from anywhere in the world.

Choose How Long You Want to Give Access for: The validity period of PIN codes and Bluetooth keys can be customized for each visitor. Choose to give hours, days, weeks, or permanent access.

View Access Logs: Access logs are provided to enable users to track when visitors come and go. Greater visibility allows for greater peace of mind.

Sync with Airbnb: Igloohome integrates seamlessly with Airbnb allowing hosts to synchronize their listing calendars with their igloohome account so that PIN codes are automatically generated and sent to guests, at no extra charge.





Security Features


Security Lockout Mode: If an invalid PIN code is entered 5 times, the Deadbolt 2S will go into security lockout mode and stop operating for 5 minutes.

Timed Re-Lock: Select the duration (in seconds) before the lock automatically locks, regardless of how it was unlocked.

Privacy Mode: Prevents Electronic entry from the outside.

Tamper Alarm: A built in alarm will alert you if intruders attempt to pry the lock from your door.

Emergency Jump-Start: When the lock batteries are drained, an external DC9V battery can be used to jump-start the lock.



Security Features



Anthony Chow

Anthony Chow

CEO and Co-Founder


Kelvin Ho

Kelvin Ho




Matthew Ng

VP of Product




Describe your products in 3 words.

Simple, safe, smart.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

As Airbnb hosts, we were often inconvenienced by physical key exchanges, especially when guests wanted to check in at odd hours. We wanted to improve the experience for both hosts and guests and set out to eliminate such problems. Subsequently, we discovered that access management was a problem not limited to vacation rental hosts – most home and property owners faced similar issues. We then developed our products and mobile app further to cater to more communities.

What makes your product special?

Conventional locks do not allow for time-sensitive access, nor do they allow you to grant access remotely. Our products allow for both. Also, unlike existing Bluetooth locks in the market, our products do not require guests to download an app. Homeowners can create a PIN code, and send it via email, SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook message. Additionally, our products work offline, making them suitable for properties with weak or no WiFi and eliminates the risk of WiFi hacking.

What has been the best part of your experience?

We’ve come a long way from serving the Airbnb community to home and property owners and more. Now, our smart locks and lock boxes have been rolled out to over 80 countries with more than 40 distributors worldwide.





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