Jolly Kidz Giant Magic Panel Playpen

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This lightweight but very durable all-weather playpen is made up of many individual coloured pieces.

Each piece is identical in shape so you can remove some pieces to change the size and shape to assemble it into hexagon triangle or a rectangle.

Manufactured from durable and strong synthetic fiber, this playpen is both fun and secure way to engage your children in playing activity.

You can either set-up a massive playpen, creating spacious play area for kids or you can set-up two separate playpens in different part of the house.
* Strong durable plastic
* Bright and colourful
* Quick and easy to assemble
* Rounded edges for safety
* Designed for indoor and outdoor use
* Easy to store and transport
* Material: High density polyethylene
* Assembled Size: 61 x 220 x 220cm

* 32 x Wall panel segments