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● MESH Starter Kit includes an internet-connedcted push button, internet-connected accelerometer, and an internet-connected LED indicator.
● MESH IoT blocks are internet-connected sensors and modules with built-in functions to make it easy for anyone to prototype and create projects for the Internet of Things.
● Make your next project internet-connected to track data, automate notifications, send text messages, enable scheduling, integrate with popular smart devices, interface with web apps, and much more.
● A smartphone or tablet is required to set up and run MESH IoT blocks which communicate with the MESH app (iOS/Android) via Bluetooth (BLE).
● MESH is a product incubated at Sony’s Seed Acceleration Program.

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Product Description

MESH - Starter Kit 10

Plug any project into the Internet of Things with MESH.  

Right out of the box MESH can connect any project to the internet of gadgets, web services, and apps.  Each MESH IoT block has a different function and is extensively customizable to make it easy to build a smart gadget without any programming or wiring. Make your next project internet-connected to track data, automate notifications, send text messages, enable scheduling, integrate with smart devices, interface with web apps, and much more.

MESH Starter Kit is useful for quick prototyping and instant deployment of your IoT project. Each IoT block has out-of-the-box connectivity and built-in functions that make connecting to the internet, web services, and other devices simple and instant.

MESH - Starter Kit 11

MESH Starter Kit + MESH App Features:

  • MESH Button – a wireless, internet-connected push button; multifunctional (press, hold, double press)
  • MESH Move – an internet-connected accelerometer; multifunctional (detects shaking, flipping, vibration, and orientation); customizable settings (sensitivity and detection interval)
  • MESH LED – an internet-connected, LED indicator; multifunctional (color and pattern control); customizable settings (brightness, duration, cycle, interval)
  • Built-in IFTTT integration
  • Compatible with many internet-enabled gadgets & web services
  • Integrates with with custom software
  • Visual coding app (drag-and-drop interface, send sensor data, and much more)
  • Rechargeable (30-day battery life), durable, and compact
  • Bluetooth (BLE) enabled and uses the MESH app as a hub to connect to wi-fi

MESH - Starter Kit 12

Easy ways to use MESH Button (Included):

  • Create a wireless remote to trigger a custom project or a smart gadget like Philips Hue smart light bulb. 

Clever ways to use MESH Move (Included):

  • Build an arduino gadget that transforms a surface into an interactive interface that senses taps and vibrations using MESH Move.
  • Prototype a wearable device using accelerometer technology to dream up the next popular fitness-tracking wearables.

Useful ways to use MESH Move (Included):

  • Use MESH LED as an indicator to test projects.
  • Set up MESH LED as a notification block for incoming email, alerts, tweets, and more.

The MESH Platform

MESH - Starter Kit 13

MESH Visual Coding App
Tinker more, prototype faster, and build better. 

The visual coding app simplifies programming and replaces the traditional soldering process and programming with an intuitive drag-and-drop canvas. In the canvas, you can create recipes that visually connect sensors, logic, and web services and gadgets on IFTTT for your project.

The possibilities are endless and the MESH app makes it easy for anyone to bring an idea to life no matter their level of electronics or programming expertise. MESH app is available on iOS and Android.

MESH - Starter Kit 14

Use MESH with your development board.

Connect MESH GPIO to your development board like Arduino or Raspberry Pi to use MESH wireless sensors in your project for quick prototyping and experimentation. Expand your next project:

  • Add wireless remote control and internet connectivity to your project with MESH sensors
  • Add web services like Google Sheets, Twitter, Evernote, Gmail,  etc.
  • Connect to popular gadgets like Google Assistant for Google Home and Amazon Alexa for Echo, and more
  • Interface with internet-enabled gadgets like WeMo, Nest, SmartThings, Fitbit, and more

MESH - Starter Kit 15

Customize with Javascript.

Our SDK gives you the tools to plug your code and apps into our growing IoT sensor platform for a world of possibilities:

  • Connect web services/APIs or your custom app
  • Connect internet-connected devices
  • Enable custom logic algorithms
  • JavaScript-based


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