New Interactive Portable Whiteboard with Ultrasonic Detection

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New Ultrasound/Infared Interactive Technology for this Portable Whiteboard Interactive Projector IWB Support Windows, Mac and Android OS for Interactive Smart Teaching



WB4700 is the most flexible electronic whiteboard. 



WB4700 support windows& mac & Android system, Linux ubuntu.

Package Contents: Signal Receiver, Electronic pen*2, USB cable, Fixed steel plate, CD.

Computer Requirements: 1G or above

USB Response time 12MS

5 meters USB cable

Power Consumption: 0.4W

Dimension 227mm*43mm*11mm

Weight 200g

Active Area: 1.2×1.8m


Electronic Pen

Battery Required : AA battery x1

Buttons: 2 buttons (with as right and left clicks)

Pen tips can be replaced

Working Temperature:0℃-40℃

Storage Temperature:-20℃-50℃

Working Wet:30%-80%

Storage Wet: 0%-90%

Certificates: CE, FCC, ROHS



While install WB4700 on the non metal plate, please use our metal fixed plate. At the back of the metal fixed plate, there is a sticker, please remove the protective film, and stick the metal fixed plate on the surface you required, a magnetic is used to connect the receiver and the metal fixed plate.


    4700 installation.jpg

   SMT oway 4700


Special Features 

1.Compared with the existing electronic whiteboards based on electromagnetic induction, pressure sensitivity, resistive film and other principles, WB4700 electronic whiteboard is characterized by flexibility, smart, portability and  etc.

a. small shape like a remote control;

b. portable and light;

c. easy set-up.


2. Compared with the existing electronic whiteboard based on ultrasonic and infrared ray positioning technique, Oway WB4700 interactive whiteboard makes a great progress in ultrasonic and infrared ray positioning algorithm.

a. No flying spot, no deformation and no time delay;

b. More accurate positioning, higher resolution and wider working range can be achieved;

c. A smart stylus pen can replace the mouse to control the operations of any programs of the computer;

d. The smart stylus pen can act as a pen to write on the electronic whiteboard directly and the written contents can be saved or replayed;

e. Any operating interface of the computer, such as pages of office/ website/ video/ program, can be directly marked, written and painted;

f. The WB4700 electronic whiteboard has such auxiliary functions as screen shooting, screen shielding, highlighting, keyboard entry, handwriting recognition, etc;

g. The attached videotaping assistant software can videotape the board writing process and sound in standard avi format and generate video courseware rapidly;

h. The electronic pen has the hovering function and can simulate the sliding operation of a mouse.




Presentations and business review

Video conference and collaboration

Education and training

Exhibitions and conferences

Process control and plant monitoring

Military and government briefings

Customer retail sites

Gaming and entertainment




Package & Accessories:

   WB4700 parts .jpg




Product demo on You Tube:



Additional information

Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 31.00 × 23.00 × 10.00 cm









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