Remote Control Car Alarm System Keyless Entry Security 2 4 Door Power Lock Actuator Motor Kit

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1. This kit has a car finder feature that will flash the lights on your vehicle.
2. Add a relay and it will honk your horn too! If you have a motor to open your trunk, this kit will allow you to open your trunk with your  remote.
3. Finally, if you have a window roll-up module or any other accessory you would like to operate, this kit allows you to control up to 2 optional devices with the remote.


 Model FAI-330 & FAI-586       
 Product Name Car Alarm System
 Material Metal, Plastic
 Features Keyless Entry
 Number of Remotes Included   2
 Number of Lock Actuators 4
 MPN FAI-586 & FAI-330


1. Starter Kill
    Disables the vehicle from being started while the alarm is armed.
2. Stage Duel Shock Sensor
    Low impacts causes the it to sound warning chirps while larger impacts cause the alarm to sound.
3. Dome Light Trigger Delay
    When enabled, the alarm system will not fully arm the alarm until all doors are closed.
4. Ignition Trigger
    When the alarm system is armed, the alarm will sound if the ignition receives power or it is tamper with.
5. Hood Pin and/or Trunk Trigger
    When the alarm system is armed, the alarm will sound if  the hood and/or trunk is opened.
6. Carjack Mode
    If your vehicle is carjacked, engage this feature and the alarm will sound 60-seconds after it is stolen.
7. Valet Mode
    When enabled, the remotes will lock and unlock the doors without arming  the alarm.
Door Lock & Controll:

1. Front Lock Control
    When locking or unlocking the front doors, all the other doors will lock and unlock.
    This feature can be enabled for just one, both, or neither front doors.
2. Automatic Lock/Unlock
    When enabled, the doors will automatically lock and unlock when the vehicle is turned on and off.
3. Automatic Last Door Arming
    When enabled, after the engine is turned off, the alarm will arm itself 30-seconds after exiting the vehicle.
4. 2x  Auxiliary Outputs
    These auxiliary outputs can be used to open your trunk, roll up your windows, etc.(Add-On modules needed.)

Advanced Security:

1. Shock Sensor Bypass
    When bypassed by the remote, the alarm will ignore the shock sensor when the system is armed.
2. Emergency Alarm Disarm (by Key Sequence)
    When engaged, the alarm system can be disarmed with an  ignition “on-off” sequence.
3. Automatic Alarm Reset (30sec or 60sec)
    The alarm’s alarm will automatically turn off after the set interval unless the alarm is re-triggered again.

1. Lock/Arm
    Engine Off: Lock Doors & Arm Engine On: Lock Doors Only.
2. Unlock/Disarm
    Engine Off: Unlock Doors & Disarm Engine On: Unlock Doors Only.
3. Panic Button
    Press the panic button and the alarm will sound for 60-seconds.
4. Auxiliary Button (Controls Aux 1 and Aux 2)
    Press the auxiliary button for 3-seconds to control Aux1, or press the auxiliary button once then lock once for Aux2.
5. Car Finder
    When activated, the alarm will flash it’s parking lights to help you locate your vehicle.
6. Carjack Mode
    When the engine is on, press the lock and unlock buttons together to activate the carjack mode.
7. Silent Arming & Disarming
    When the engine is off, press the lock and unlock buttons together to arm or disarm the alarm without the confirmation alarm chirps.
Package Included:
1 X Car Alarm Kits

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