USB Portable Interactive White Board Camera with IR pen

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USB Portable Interactive White Board with IR pens support 150 Inches for Study and Playing

Portable Interactive Whiteboard WB2800L Auto Calibration

Portable Interactive Whiteboard WB2800 uses the original optical infrared technology. Very easy to install and maintain . Itself doesn’t need any electronic components.protecting environment and saving energy. Very precise positioning, tracking a very high accuracy, ultra-fast response time, in written, comprehensive performance is much better than ordinary interactive whiteboard.



Product Specifications:

 Accessory: signal receiver x 1, pen x 1 , USB cable x 1,CD x 1

Technology:Adopting infrared high sped tracking technology

WB2800 Specification:

Signal Receiver:

Movement Detection: Infrared

Active Area (max screen size): 150 inch diagonal

Active Area (horizontal angle): 33+/-2 degrees

Active Area (vertical angle): 0-30 degrees

Calibration Technology: Infrared Positioning

Active Distance: 1.5m – 5m

Connectivity Interface: USB cable ( connection distance up to 20m)

Power Requirement: 4.5 – 9W (from USB port)

Power Consumption: <1.5W

Weight: 140 g


Extendable Pointer

Movement Detection Technology : LED Light

Power Requirement : 3 V CR12 3A x 2 Button

Trigger methods of pointer Pen Body Weight :85g (with battery)

Pointer Extendable Length :34.5-67.6cm (length); 1.0-1.3cm (diameter)

Net Weight :61g


Stylus E-Pen   

Movement Detection Technology Power Requirement :3 V CR12 3A x 2

Pen Body Dimension :13.5cm (length); 1.0-2.0cm (diameter)

Pen Weight: 66g (with battery)

Net Weight :42g


System Requirements

OS Required :  Microsoft Windows xp, vista , Win7, 8,10, Linux Ubuntu 14.04,16.04, Debian 8



Installation distance:

WB2800L                      Projection Ratio: 1.28

Projection Size 4:3      Recommend Installation Distance

70 inch                          2200mm  

80 inch                          2600mm

100 inch                        3200mm

120inch                         3800mm


 Various installation ways:

 1). Put on the desk or projectors

desktop installation

2). Ceiling-mount installation

 celling installation                                                            

WB2800 Product Features:

Special Features with multi points touches

For Multi points, please noted the whiteboard software must support Windows OS Native Touch

1. Technology

Adopting infrared high speed tracking technology.

2. Various features:

Strong adaptability

Easy installation

Supporting big screen to 150″

Intense anti-interference

Low cost performance.

3. Various installation ways:

Put on the desk or projectors

Ceiling-mount installation

4. USB Cable can be extended to 20M (MAX).

5. Modularization solution

Enables other products to integrate interactive function easily.

6. New design pen

excellent hand-feel and strong signal, which makes the writing closest to the hand-writing. Tailor-made pen point

Guarantees the smoothing writing on any surface of any material, even the wall.

7. Retractable stylus

Can reach to a large scale and meet different customers’ need.

8. Quickly disassembled

The storage and maintenance are very easy.

9. High response speed

10. High resolution

Makes it have excellent operating precision and nearly perfect writing track.

11. Plug and Play:USB interface

HID form of communications, plug and play without extra power

12. Strong adaptability

simple and easy installation method. The portable interactive whiteboard makes the user’s investment and maintenance’s costs down to the minimum.


Product Applications:

Presentations and business review

Video conference and collaboration

Education and training

Exhibitions and conferences

Process control and plant monitoring

Military and government briefings

Customer retail sites

Gaming and entertainment


         WB2900 application.jpg  WB2900 application(2).jpg


Product Packing details:

WB2800L Auto Calibration matched with IR pen & Pointer.


wb2800 package(2)


Additional information

Weight1.20 kg
Dimensions38.00 × 20.00 × 9.00 cm











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