WITTI BEDDI Glow SE | App Enabled Intelligent Alarm Clock with Wake-up Light, Bluetooth Speaker and USB Charging Station

● Bluetooth connection
● App controlled
● Speaker; 2 x usb charging port on top
● Sunrise stimulating wake up light
● Color mood light

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BEDDI GLOW SE - A peaceful wake up experience

BEDDI Glow SE Blue



BEDDI Glow SE – Intelligent Alarm Clock with Wake Up Light

BEDDI Glow SE – A Peaceful Wake Up Experience

BEDDI Glow SE lets you wake up naturally with sunrise simulated light every morning, along with your favorite music from Spotify, Apple Music, or other music players. You can also sleep well every night with soothing white noise while your phone and tablet are charging.

  • Wakes you gradually with sunrise simulated wake up light, music playlist, or FM radio.
  • Four alarms with customizable snooze button settings.
  • Two charging USB ports for your tablets, smartphones, smart watch, and other mobile devices.
  • Choose from millions of color variations and effects.
  • Fully dimmable clock face for those who prefer complete darkness when sleeping.
  • Simple setup, Bluetooth enabled and App-controlled.

Best Bedside Companion

BEDDI Glow SE Alarm Clock

Sleeping Children

BEDDI Glow SE Bluetooth Speaker

Wake Up Naturally with Sunrise Simulating Light

Equipped with multicolour mood lights and a sunrise simulating warm light, you can ease yourself into each day and wake up naturally and gradually with BEDDI Glow SE. The light offers a harmonious glow without disruptive tones; it gradually increases for 30 minutes (customizable) before your alarm time to gently prepare your body to wake up and feel more energetic at the start of your day. Adjustable brightness settings make it great for use as a reading lamp or night light as well. The 16 million color mood light also creates your favorite atmosphere instantly.

Sleep Better and Deeper

The integrated white noise generator provides pleasant white noise. BEDDI Glow SE has five relaxing nature sounds (Wind, Fan, Rain, Ocean, and Forest) that help you fall asleep fast. The app-enabled white noise works well if you struggle to get to sleep and helps your body relax and prepare yourself for sleep. Experience the perfect way to wind down at night with relaxing sounds and then wake up naturally with its smart alarm and soothing wake up light.

Listen to Your Favorite Music

Stream your favorite music with BEDDI Glow SE’s high quality Bluetooth speaker. Listen to your playlist in an instant, thanks to a variety of online music services including Spotify and other music players. Fully integrated with Spotify and Apple Music, you can click a smart button to trigger a saved playlist or select different ones for weekdays and weekends. Don’t forget to create the perfect atmosphere with the color changing mood light that reacts to your music! It’s a sound and vision experience for the eyes and ears, giving you new ways to enjoy your favorite tunes.


Versatile and Easy to Use

BEDDI Glow SE device charger


Set multiple alarms

Charge Your Smartphone and Tablet at Once

BEDDI Glow SE features 2 convenient USB charging ports. You can now charge your smartphone and tablets at once. These ports make it easy to keep your devices running without using up your computer’s USB ports or the AC outlets you need for larger devices. Please note that the USB ports are intended solely for charging devices; they cannot be used as a USB hub and do not transmit data.

Easy to Use and Control with App

This smart alarm clock pairs easily with your smartphone or tablet to configure your daily routine and satisfy your music needs. Simply download the free BEDDI app and take control of your alarm, auto time sync, music, mood lights and wake up lights.

Set Multiple Alarms on Different Days

If your schedule varies from day to day, then this is the right alarm clock for you. And instead of the dreadful ring, the gentle alarm wakes you with your choice of favorite music playlist, radio or sunrise simulated wake up light.



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