XPUMP Premium – 3D Audio External Sound Card, Portable Surround DAC for Headphone and Speaker. Smart DSP for The Ultimate Gaming, Music and Movies Listening Enjoyment

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● IMMERSIVE EMBEDDED 3D SURROUND SOUND, plug and play design connects direct to your audio device, no additional settings or installations required.
● VIRTUAL 7.1 via patented XROUND digital signal processing algorithm giving you the smallest portable home theatre system in the world.
● GREAT COMPATIBILITY as external surround sound DAC amplifier works with your mobile/ Windows PC / Mac / PS4 /Nintendo Switch, simply connect to your headset or speakers and enjoy great sound.
● For OPTIMAL GAMING, MUSIC AND MOVIES SOUND ENJOYMENT, we recommend using XPUMP’s USB input for a wider audio signal processing range. When using AUX 3.5mm input, we suggest setting the input sound volume to between 20~50% for the optimal sound reproduction.

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Product Description

XROUND Inc. was founded by passionate digital signal processing (DSP) audio experts, designers, engineers and audiophiles.




Immerse yourself in the game

Separates components of the sound source, allowing all vocals, gunshots, and even footsteps to be heard precisely, giving you directional source of sound for that winning edge.

LIVE performance everytime

XPUMP uses dynamic EQ to perfectly present every detail of the sound, allowing all the vocals, instruments, and drums to be restored to the original live performance level.

Transform your speakers into an instant Surround Sound Home Theater!

The patented XROUND digital signal processing algorithm recreates the width and depth of audio sound accuracy, enabling any two-channel speakers to produce theater-like, multi-channel surround sound effects.

Great Connectivity with your Mobile Phone/PC/Mac/PS4/Switch


Connect XPUMP to your sound source (Mac/Windows PC, iOS/Android mobile devices and game consoles) via AUX or USB input and enjoy optimal sound from your headset and speaker system. Compatible with any loudspeaker, soundbars, amplifiers, headphones, and audio systems.

Superior Surround Sound at the Touch of Your Fingertips




2 Level Effect Switch

  • White (level 1) – detail booster and good for all types of music.
  • Orange (level 2) – full-scale enhancement optimized for movies, games and music.

Headphone Surround

Separates the distance and angles of different sound sources, thus making the direction and details of sound positions more realistic, allowing normal headphones to produce an immersive sound experience.

Speaker Surround

The XROUND algorithm eliminates the acoustic crosstalk and expands 2D stereo listening into a 3D spherical sound field, offering a far more stunning audio experience.

The XROUND digital signal processing algorithm





Spherical Sound Field Expansion

Through crosstalk cancellation technology, overlapping left and right sound channels are processed in real-time, rendering a dynamic virtual surround sound field.

Real-Time Detail Boosting

Dual core processor working at the clock speed of 55.3 MHz, analyzing and boosting the sound source every microsecond.

Dynamic EQ

Dynamically adjusting equalizer settings according to audio details and sound fields to give you the best audio representation no matter the music genre.

Psychoacoustic Bass Enhancement

Adjusts the levels of frequency bands to match the characteristics of human ear, allowing for powerful low frequency vibrations to be heard from normal earphones and speakers.




Enjoy HD surround sound anywhere you go

Weighing only 35g, this gum-stick sized XPUMP fits right into your pocket. Comes with in-built battery, giving you up to 7 hours of continuous superior sound.

What’s inside the box

  • XPUMP Premium
  • Sleeve bag
  • Micro USB cable 1m
  • 3.5mm AUX audio cable 1m
  • User guide


A. 7+ hours battery life

B. AUX line out

C. Volume button

D. Headphone / speaker mode switch

E. AUX line in

F. Micro USB charging / USB DAC in


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