YDZ 9151C 30mL Organic Silicone Rubber Sealant Moisture Curing Communication Medical Electrical

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The product is a solvent-free RTV elastomer copolymer. The curing condition of the coating is to absorb the water vapor in air to solidify without oven baking. In order to accelerate its curing, a gentle heating (60 ℃) is suitable. This sealing adhesive is typically used for all kinds of precision electronic, optical, can only be used for bonding and sealing electrical components. Good waterproof performance, good weather resistance. The curable has good toughness and elasticity, good adhesion, no corrosion to metal or plastic, and excellent sealing and bonding performance. This adhesive has no solvent, no volatile matter, green environmental protection. The slight smell is not unpleasant. The operator shall take appropriate protective measures to prevent dripping into the eyes and prohibit swallowing.
Brand: YDZ
Model: 9151C
Capacity: 30mL
Packing: Aluminum Foil Bag
Features: Waterproof Seal, Reinforcement and Adhesive Fixation
Exterior: Semitransparent and Semi Flowing Liquid
Component: Single Component, No Mixing, No Need of Heating Equipment
It is mainly used for adhesion and sealing of electronic components, circuit boards, intelligent scanners and automobile parts of electronic appliances, communication works and medical equipment products.
1. The surface of the base material is free from oil pollution, dust and other pollutants to ensure a clean and dry surface.
2. This product is suitable for machine gluing or manual gluing, according to different workpiece and requirements to design specific plan.
3. For small parts assembly, embedding, process fixation, crack repair, fine hole plugging, etc., the infiltration method can be adopted to apply glue, that is, the adhesive part is positioned first, then the glue drops, and the glue solution is injected into the joint surface with a fine pipe needle.
4. It is not suitable to move the assembly immediately after the glue is applied. It needs to wait for the glue to solidify more than 80% before it can move. Although the surface of this adhesive dries quickly, its physical property still needs 24-72 hours before reaching the best strength.
1. Keep away from children. Don’t swallow.
2. Store in a cool, dry place to avoid ultraviolet rays or sunlight
3. The clothes can be washed with soapy water if they get dirty with the glue carelessly.
4. It is recommended to use in well-ventilated places.
Package Included:
1 x Organic Silicone Rubber Sealant (30mL)

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