iQi PWRcase for iPhone 6 and 6s

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Charge anywhere

Small & light, yet fits a huge battery

The very first Apple Made For iPhone (MFi) Certified iQi

Works with iPhone 6 & 6S

12 month warranty


Product Description:

iQi for iPhone is a Qi standard wireless charging receiver with a uniquely designed lightning connector attached via an ultra-thin flexible ribbon cable. The iQi for iPhone powers your iPhone conveniently through the lightning connector, that seamlessly disappears behind your soft case. This technology enables you to easily charge your phone on any Qi compatible charging pad, such as the WoodPuck charger. The iQi for iPhone is smaller and thinner than your credit card, at only 0.5mm at its thinnest point to 1.4mm at its thickest.

  • Step 1: Insert iQi Mobile into the Lightning port of your iPhone. Gently bend it around the back of the phone. Ensure silver iQi logo is facing up.
  • Step 2: While holding iQi Mobile secure in the middle, gently slide the phone into the case starting with the port and proceeding with the upper parts of the iPhone.
  • Step 3: Your iPhone is ready to charge!
  • Step 4: To start charging, simply place your iPhone on a compatible Wireless Charger such as WoodPuck: Bamboo Edition.

The most versatile iQi yet

  • iQi PWRcase for iPhone enables Wireless Charging on your iPhone 6 & 6S, so now you can charge your phone using any of your favourite wireless chargers
  • iQi PWRcase is a fully Apple Made For iPhone certified device, making it the very first iQi to achieve this certification
  • With 1550mAh of power built-in, iQi PWRcase will extend the battery life of your iPhone by up to 85% of its original capacity
  • Re-charge the PWRcase either Wirelessly by placing it on a wireless charger or using a micro-USB cable
  • If you don't have a Wireless Charger on hand, simply press the Power Switch on the case to get more juice
  • Provides the necessary protection for your phone, yet all ports & buttons can still be accessed effortlessly

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