iOttie iTap Wireless Qi Charger Wireless Car Mount & Desk Stand

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  • FEATURES: Built-In Cooling Fan counteracts heat and keeps your smartphone cool, four rare-earth magnets provide a magnetic hold & LED Indicator shows when smartphone is charging or misaligned
  • FOR OPTIMAL MOUNTING AND CHARGING: we strongly recommend placing Metal Plate on back of smartphone or USING A SLIM CASE, for iPhone X/8/8 Plus users, we strongly recommend attaching the metal plate to a slim case then mounting to the iTap Wireless
  • QI WIRELESS FAST & STANDARD CHARGING: Qi Wireless Fast Charging provides up to a 40% faster charge than Qi wireless standard charging. This feature is only compatible with Qi Wireless Fast Charge Enabled Devices such as Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 edge
  • CHARGING ALIGNMENT: To find your smartphones qi receiver/ sweet spot please place the metal plate in the middle of your smartphone as this is where you will find your Qi Receiver. This will allow for a seamless charge (See third product image for alignment guide).
  • PLEASE NOTE: that sensors in the LG G6 & Droid 2 Turbo will lock the screen if they detect magnets. iTap Wireless can still charge these devices, but the screen is unusable when mounted
  • PLEASE NOTE: For Samsung Devices we recommend using a Samsung Fast Charger that supports more than QC2.0 when using the wireless charger at home or in your vehicle
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Get to Know

The iTap Wireless Magnetic Car Mount is a stylish and compact solution that has the best attributes of Qi Wireless fast charging and magnetic mounting. Through this fast charging technology, your smartphone has access to a quicker and more efficient charge. The design of the Metal Plate allows for a strong magnetic connection and an optimal Qi Wireless fast charge. It’s built-in fan keeps the mount cool as it pushes wireless energy to your phone. Additionally, it pairs with the DriveSmarter app which features a find your car function. Overall this mighty yet universal car mount was designed to provide the driver with a safer and simple driving experience.


The iTap Wireless is compatible with Qi enabled smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge, Note 5 and any other Qi enabled devices.

Status Light Indicator

A green light appears when iTap Wireless is powered on and smartphone is properly charging. A blinking red light is shown when smartphone is misaligned or incompatible with Qi coil.

Adhesive Mounting

The high quality adhesive tape provides a strong hold and allows iTap Wireless to mount on your dashboard, windshield, or desk without leaving a residue.


To support Qi wireless fast charge in car, we recommend using the provided Car Charger and Micro USB cable. Using third party car chargers or cables may not produce an efficient charge.

Dashboard Mounting

The iTap Wireless caters to different phone sizes and dashboard surfaces with two base options. The Adhesive Pad is a strong and sticky solution and is not re-mountable.

Windshield Mounting

The Adhesive Pad on Base can also stick onto the windshield. Unscrew the adjustment knob to angle the iTap Wireless for an optional viewing angle. Mount in landscape or portrait orientation.

Desk Mounting

Mount in style on your desk. Connect iTap Wireless to your USB Power Adapter. Plug directly into wall or surge protector. Inserting into laptop or computer will not provide adequate power.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 iTap Wireless Mount
  • 2 Metal Plates
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Car Charger
  • Tall Base

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