WASHWOW 2.0 - A Portable Wash & Disinfect Cube

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For delivery to Australia and New Zealand with a 12 month warranty.

Product Features

With the electrolysis of water, WASHWOW 2.0 will help you almost effortlessly remove organic stains, even in white clothes. 

WASHWOW 2.0 has adopted the wireless charging technology which can support wireless charger with QI standard at the market (such as the wireless charger for iPhone or other Smart Phone). 

99.98% Sterilization Capacity

Washing clothes without any detergent, WASHWOW 2.0 can keep your clothes away from bacteria and dirt. Clothes will be thoroughly cleaned inside and out with the magic of water electrolysis without any damage. The bacterium elimination rate of the WASHWOW 2.0 washing&disinfect device can reach 99.98%. It is prone to zero pollution and has no radiation.

Just a soap size, 265g net weight,  all of these make WASHWOW 2.0 is easy to take in any luggage wherever you go. So you can travel without any the hassel of laudry. 

How to Use?

Step 1: Please charge WASHWOW 2.0 with wireless charger for 6-8 hours. After fully charged, it can be used for 6 times (20-25 mins for each time).

Step 2: Switch WASHWOW 2.0 to set up the minutes you want to wash. There are two-level variable-speed control for your choice. You can control your washing rhythm at will.

Level 1: Rotate one time, it will turn on the green light, the WASHWOW 2.0 will work for 20 minutes and then shut off automatically.

Level 2: Rotate twice, it will turn on blue light, and WASHWOW 2.0 will work for 25 minutes and then shut off automatically.

Step 3: Put your clothes into the waterproof container, and add water as well as WASHWOW 2.0and
make sure it can be covered by water fully.

Step 4: After 20-25 mins, your clothes will be clean and fresh.

Step 5: Rinse clothes and hang to dry. You can wear your favorite clothes again. 

Working Principle

The working principle of WASHWOW 2.0 electronic washing machine is to use reactive oxygen which is generated by electrolysis of water to decompose the dirt on the clothes. The machine interior is coated with noble metal which can create positive and negative electrodes. The components OH, O, O2, O3, On, HnOn can decompose the organic dirt into water and carbon dioxide or others, and hypochlorous acid has antibacterial effect to make bacteria and dust mites not attach to clothes. The bacterium elimination rate of WASHWOW 2.0 electrolysis washing device can reach 99.98%.

For who?

WASHWOW 2.0 is an essential device for you on business trips and travel.

With WASHWOW 2.0, all baby and kid's clothes will be washed with appropriate care. It doesn't need detergent, doesn't cause secondary pollution or leaves no chemical. The Best gift for your dear little baby, isn't it?

When washing fruits and vegetables, WASHWOW 2.0 can completely eliminate pesticide residues within 5 minutes.


Weight : 0.55kg
Dimensions : 12*12*7.6 cm
Battery Model : 18650 li-ion battery 3.7V2000mAh

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