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We are located in the CBD of Brisbane, a core team of 20 people led by Amanda Rodgers of WK Digital.

The team at WK Digital has always loved cutting edge technology – pretty normal in the digital marketing space. Getting our hands on cool products from across the globe hasn’t been impossible, but can be harder than it needed to be. While we may be early adopters, we want everyone to share in the fun that is had with leading edge technology.

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Dr Techlove is our tech love child, his mission is to find the most innovative products from across the globe and make it easy for you to get them. He is a tough curator of what products he offers to ensure that every product you look at on our site is something you’re gonna want to get your hands on ASAP!

We go the extra mile to find the most elusive and innovative tech gadgets on the planet.

Dr Techlove is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nuestra Development Pty Ltd (A.B.N 63 129 439 738).

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