Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacers Game (iPad base included!)

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  • Includes Osmo iPad base needed to play MindRacers and other Osmo games. Base comes with drawing tool Masterpiece and physics challenge Newton.
  • Comes with MindRacers launchpad, 6 Hot Wheels cars, 32 game tokens, car/token storage and an Osmo iPad base. Requires an iPad to play (not included).
  • Onscreen speed calls for real-world dexterity. Use the tokens to Anticipate, React, and Strategize for winning results.
  • Designed for boys and girls 5+
  • FREE delivery to Australia and New Zealand with a 12 month warranty

Listen as real Hot Wheels cars rev their engines at the starting line, and send them shooting down the ramp to start the race. Now the high-speed competition is on screen, as your cars race through amazing digital worlds. Throw down game tokens to control your car’s actions and beat the competition. First across the finish line is the undisputed champion of the universe — until the next race! Works with iPad 2–4, iPad Mini, iPad Air, & iPad Pro 9.7 and 10.5 inch.  The iPad base is included in this pack.

LAUNCH real Hot Wheels into a wild digital race!

Kids pick their cars from the included fleet of genuine Hot Wheels racers, set them on the starting line and — ZOOM! — they accelerate straight through the screen and into wacky digital worlds.

POWER UP your car with game tokens to cross the finish line first!

Racers control on-screen action using physical tokens. Split-second decisions to boost speed, launch an attack, or a deliberate spin-out can lead to victory.

MindRacers is great for solo fun, and even better when family and friends challenge each other to a race. Players can even join forces to win the race together.

Kids get to practice real-world dexterity, quick decision-making, and sportsmanship while having a blast on virtual racetracks.

Endless combinations of cars, tracks, and strategies mean kids will want to race and race again!

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