Geekcreit 37 In 1 Sensor Module Board Set Starter Kits SENSOR KIT For Arduino Plastic Bag Package

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Plastic bag package only. Want carton box package for this kits? Please skip Kits list:1 x Active buzzer module1 x Passive buzzer module1 x Common cathode RED&GREEN LED module1 x Two color common cathode LED module1 x Knock sensor module1 x Shock switch sensor module1 x Photo resistor sensor module1 x Push button module1 x Tilt switch module1 x RGB LED module1 x Infrared transmit module1 x RGB colorful LED module1 x Hydrargyrum switch sensor module1 x Colorful auto flash module1 x Magnet-ring sensor module1 x Hall sensor module1 x Infrared receive sensor module1 x Analogy hall sensor module1 x Magic ring module1 x Rotate encode module1 x Light break sensor module1 x Finger pulse sensor module1 x Magnetic spring module1 x Obstacle avoidance sensor module1 x Tracking sensor module1 x Microphone sensor module1 x Laser transmit module1 x Relay module1 x Analog temperature sensor module1 x 18b20 temperature sensor module1 x Digital temperature sensor module1 x Linear hall Sensor module1 x Flame sensor module1 x High sensitive voice sensor module1 x Humidity sensor module1 x Joystick PS2 module1 x Touch sensor modulePackage included:1 x Sensor module board set for (37 types in total)

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