Geekcreit?® DIY Star Effect 3D LED Decorative Christmas Tree Kit

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Description:This DIY Christmas Tree contained more than 20 kinds of difference led breathing effect, 33 leds simulated the star breath flashing effect. The led using the gradual changing brightness instead of directly light up, that makes this diy project looks cool and no longer dull.three pieces PCB combine together to a 126mm height 3D tree shape,it all using the DIP components to make, easy make and multiple animations, it is a fantastic diy decoration project for the holiday season. Manual can be download !Features:Using 33 5mm Highlighted LED Display.23 Kind of LED Gradient Effect to Simulate the Star-Flashing or Lightning and other 3D LED Effect.Alll using DIP components to build, suitable for beginners.Green PCB combine to a Christmas Tree Shape.Switch Button to Switch the next effect.Double Power Supply Option:Micro USB cable or Wire Connect.Use Micro USB Cable to Connect a computer or phone charger to Supply it with the 5V.Different color option: Colorful, blue, white, yellow.Dimensions: 70mm x 70mm x 136mm.Function:1. Use micro usb cable or power wire to supply 5V power;2. Toggle the switch button to switch the next animation effect.Package included:1 x Geekcreit® DIY Star Effect 3D LED Decorative Christmas Tree Kit

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