Hauskeeper Electric Floor Polisher Timber Hard Waxer Buffer Cleaner

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Hauskeeper 240v Electric Floor polisher with pad set

Perfect for polishing hard floors, this twin disc floor polisher is suitable for keeping your floor in top condition. It will allow you to effortlessly polish many types of flooring surfaces. It is compact enough to get into tight areas and around furniture in your home or office.

With the various attachments this versatile machine can be used to wax & polish most floor surfaces including wooden floorboards and tiles, and is designed for domestic or light commercial use.

The design of this polishing machine is simply an electric motor with 2 rotating brushes that takes out the hardship from getting on your hands & knees, working up a sweat and getting a bad back!

A simple design features a strong, functional body with a chrome steel lockable handle which can be removed for storage.

Extra long 6m power cable: Mains powered with a 6-meter cord this machine will go further and work longer than similar units in the market today.
* Lightweight and easy to use
* Full set of scrubbing/polishing/waxing brushes
* Removable handle for easy storage
* Ergonomic Design
* Easier cleaning with minimal effort
* Extra long 6m power cable
* Dimensions: 39 x 30 x 19cm (H X W X D)

* 1 x Electric polisher with 6m cable
* 2 x Scrubbing brushes
* 2 x Scouring Pads
* 2 x Felt Pads
* 2 x Microfibre Pads
* 2 x Terrytowling Pads


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