Kolner 20L Portable Fridge Cooler Freezer Camping Food Storage Grey

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The Kolner 2-in 1-Fridge and Freezer is simply an amazing way to keep your family adventures a whole lot cooler.
It’s never been easier to keep your food fresher, wine, cheese and other beverages chilled, and your sweet delights and ice-cream frozen if required.

Our unbeatable unit comes with a powerful compressor and electronic control module to ensure you and your family enjoy the cooler things in life while enjoying the sunshine, camping and other outdoor activities.

Using the Fridge/Freezer is a breeze. Just plug into any 12V or 24V DC power outlet or 240V power point for it to start working its cooling prowess. Set the required temperature, between -18C and 10C, via the LCD control panel and leave the hard work to the compressor to cool the temperature accordingly.

Also, the high-density polyurethane insulating layer further helps to keep temperatures consistent without losing the cold to the surroundings.

Our amazing Portable Kolner Fridge/Freezer is designed for rugged use and will stand up to robust shakes and bumps, and extreme weather conditions without a hitch. Get yours today and experience the Kolner effect.

* Capacity – 20L
* Can be connected to 12V, 24V or 240V
* Suitable for home and car use
* Rugged and anti-vibration construction
* Low power draw – 45W or 0.2 kw.h/24hrs
* DC Power Cable
* AC Adapter
* LCD Panel
* USB Outlet
* Dimensions: 57 x 32 x 32cm
* Weight: 10kg
* Refrigerant: R134a – 32g
* Foam vesicant: C5H10/C – Pentane

* 1 x 20L Portable Fridge


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