Microcosm Steam Engine Model M88 Full Metal New MINI BEAM

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  • Item No.: M88
  • The main material: brass; aluminum alloy
  • Attachment material: 304 stainless steel;Accessories: one wick.
  • Model weight: 250g(9oz)
  • Model size: 50 × 55 × 140 mm (1.6*2.1*5.5inches)
  • The steam engine is elaborately made of stainless steel. The design is dignified and retro, exquisite and beautiful.
  • Through the heating of the small boiler can be normal operation, is a collection, enjoy the high-end crafts.
  • Larger capacity brass boiler, it can be transported for a longer time. Equipped with safety valve. Metal alcohol lamp
  • uses liquid alcohol fuel.


1. The steam engine must not touch the boiler by hand during the rotation so as to avoid scald!
2. The steam engine is an exquisite model and must be handled with care. When storing, the fuel in the boiler and the alcohol lamp must be disposed of cleanly. At the same time, cover the alcohol lamp.

Startup steps:

1. Unscrew the small safety valve and inject water into it. Note that only 2/3 of the capacity can be added, leaving 1/3 of the boiler space to produce steam. Fill the engine’s piston and moving parts with lubricating oil.
2. Unscrew the alcohol lamp from the bottom and increase it to 2/3 capacity. Twist the alcohol lamp and ignite to start heating the small boiler.

3. After heating the boiler for a few minutes, when the steam is seen at the outlet of the machine, the steamer can be normally started by turning the small flywheel counterclockwise with the finger on the opposite side of the flywheel.

Package Included: