Wesco 196cc 4 Stroke Electric Start Lawnmower Refurbished

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196cc, 4 Stroke, 4 in 1, Self Propelled, Mulching, Side Discharge and Standard Catcher Lawnmower

Catcher Mowing
Standard lawn mowing with hard catcher attached.

Side Discharge Mowing
Using the side discharge chute, grass clippings are ejected from the mower on the right hand side of the deck. The rear hard catcher should not be used when the side discharge is used.

Mulch and Mow
Using the mower without the hard catcher attached; the lawnmower will mulch as it cuts and the fine grass clippings are distributed back onto the grass surface without leaving piles of grass clippings.

Self Propelled
Using the self propel function for effortless mowing which can be used with any of the mowing functions listed above.

Deck Wash
The deck wash feature allows you to wash/clean the underside of the lawnmower deck using a standard garden hose fitting or the supplied garden hose fitting.

Electric Start
The electric start feature operates with a 20V Lithium-Ion battery to provide effortless starting.

Refurbished: Item may show signs of general wear & tear and some blemishes. Comes in a generic box.
12 Months Warranty is covered by Positec established national service agents.
* 21 (530mm approx.) cutting width for efficient mowing
* Provides plenty of power to handle your cutting requirements
* Nudge Bar for impact protection & to assist in carrying for transport
* Soft grip vibration absorption foam handle
* Tool, Battery and Refreshment Holder Tray
* Self Propelled with rear wheel drive.
* Large Hard Catcher well positioned to effect an optimum fill
* 8 Position Height Adjustment, to suit a variety of grass types and finishes
* Includes Deck Wash function
* Easy Electric Key Start for effortless starting and no more pull starting
* Folding Handles for easy storage and transportation
* Large, wide, ball bearing wheels for easy handling,
* 4 Swing Back Mulching Blades for a finer cut
* Engine: 196cc Four Stroke
* Engine Capacity: 196cc
* Bore: 70 mm
* Stroke: 51 mm
* Speed: 2800 min-1 +/- 15%
* Fuel Type: Unleaded petrol
* Oil Type: 4 Stroke Engine Oil SAE 10W/30
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.2L
* Oil Tank Capacity: 560ml
* Width of cut: 530mm (21)
* Blades: 4 x swing back blades
* Height adjustment: 8 Levels
* Spark Plug Type: LG F7RTC
* Equivalent Replacement Spark Plug: NGK BPR6ES
* Catcher Capacity: 65 Litres
* Weight (NW): 43.65 kg
* Product Dimensions: 1860 x 560 x 1185mm +/- 10%
* This product complies with: Safety Report AS 2657:1985 / EMC EN ISO 14982:2009
* Battery: 20V 2.0Ah/Li-Ion

* Includes 1 x 20V Lithium-Ion Battery
* 1 x Charger Adaptor
* 1 x Plug Pack Charger
* 1 x Mulching block
* 1 x Side Discharge Chute

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