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Sanbot Nano powered by Amazon Alexa

Sanbot Nano is designed for all of your smart home needs. This robot comes with an advanced voice interaction system, high quality speakers, terrific communication functions and Alexa's smart IoT function, making Sanbot Nano the next member of the family.

Free your hands

With Amazon Alexa's smart system, you can ask the home robot to order some delicious takeout, give you the weather forecast, help you find the answer to a question, remind you of any appointments or tasks you have for the day, and more.

*Amazon, Alexa, and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

Smart IoT Function

Amazon Alexa’s IoT functions enable you to control your smart home appliances such as curtains, TVs, lights and air-conditioners, etc. Just give your voice commands to your Sanbot Nano robot butler.

Remote Video/Audio Call

Make hands-free video calls to anyone who has an Amazon Echo Show device, Alexa App, or the Sanbot Q-Link App. Make voice calls to anyone who has an Echo or Echo Dot device.

Remote Monitoring

Use the Sanbot mobile App Q-Link to turn on Sanbot’s HD camera and control the robot to patrol and monitor your house, child or pet, enabling you to immediately detect any abnormal activity via mobile phone or PC.

Family Entertainment

The Sanbot Nano Hi-definition sound system and colored lights means Sanbot will bring the party anywhere. You can ask the robot to play a specific song, artist, genre, or streaming service in the Alexa system anytime you want. Play one of the somatic games on the robot for lots of fun and exercise.

Multiple APPs

The App Store on Sanbot Nano contains multiple Apps, and you can directly search for and download the App you need directly from Sanbot's App Store.


  • Size

    848.32mm(Height)x 395.22mm(Depth)x 420.59mm(Width)

  • Weight


  • Battery

    Lithium battery
    Capacity: 20Ah/300W
    Runtime (Full Charge): 4 hours runtime, over 10 hours on standby mode

  • Sensor

    Head : Mic x 7, RGB Camera x 2, 3D sensor x 1, Touch sensor x 7

    Body : yroscope sensor x 1, Human body induction sensor x 2, IR evading obstacle sensor x 1,
    IR message receiving sensor x 6, Touch sensor x 4, electronic compass sensor x 1

    Hand : IR evading obstacle sensor x 4, Touch sensor x 2

    Leg : IR evading obstacle sensor x 10, Omni Wheel x 3

  • Moving parts

    Head : Horzontal-180 degrees, vertical- 37 degrees

    Hand : 1x2(L/R) DOF

    Base : 3 x DOF

  • Video

    8.0MP HD camera
    1.0MP HD color camera with 140 degree
    aspheric surface angle

  • Display

    10.1 inch 1080P HD 10-point touchscreen

  • Platform


  • Sound

    Voice control, 360 degree sound localization
    2 x tweeter, 1 x Subwoofer

  • WIFI network

    IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n(2.4GHz/5GHz)

  • Wireless network


  • Lights

    250 customized colors, 2 cycles for ears , 2 pcs for hands, and 1 cycle for chassis

  • Moving speed

    0.8m/s max

  • Grade

    1.5cm max

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