100g Gold Ultrafine Glitter Pearl Pigment Powder Metal Sparkle Shimmer Paint

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Color: Gold
Granularity: 400 grit
Bottle size: 50mm x100mm (D * H)
Net Weight: 100g
a Non-toxic, tasteless, high temperature, acid resistance, non-migratory and non-conductive, easy to disperse.
b A powder pigment, particles more coarse,metallic more stronger, more flashes; on the contrary, the smaller the particles, metallic was more weaker, color more softer, the better the hiding power.
Usage: Paint & Coating, ink, plastic, leather, printing, paper, building materials, decoration, metal, wood furniture, ceramics, walls painted, hand-painted DIY, graffiti, pearl paint, bicycle paint, iron paint, repair pearl leather, toys paint, modified car painting, handicrafts, cosmetics, eye shadow, lip gloss, nail polish and so on.
1, ordinary brush: Take 10-15 grams of pearl powder to 100ml acrylic emulsion, you can add a small amount of water to dilute, after stirring evenly coating to the decorative surface.
2, spray gun: Take 5-8 grams of pearl powder to 100ml varnish, then add the appropriate amount of diluent, after stirring evenly poured into spray gun, sprayed onto the decoration surface.
Package included:
1 x Gold Glitter Pearl Pigment Powder

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