15KV High Frequency High Voltage Transformer High Voltage Coil Boost Inverter Plasma Boosting Coil

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Size: 29*24*18mm(length*width*height, irregular size, most prominent part of measurement)
Science experiments, electronic instruments, negative ion generators, scientific productions, etc.
1. The high-voltage winding of the transformer is in the inner layer. It is wound by a segmented bobbin and encapsulated in epoxy resin. The low-voltage winding is in the outer layer. Please do not mistake the high-voltage winding and the low-voltage winding for the same winding method.
2. This circuit produces a stable high-frequency arc when operating. The temperature is extremely high and it can easily ignite combustibles.
3. When the secondary high voltage output of the transformer is not connected to the high voltage rectifier diode and capacitor, the output is high frequency and high voltage electricity. When it is punctured in the air, it is a light purple arc with no hum, but the temperature is very high and the paper can be easily ignited. , Even fine iron wire (just like the scene of the burning of fine iron wire in oxygen during the junior high school chemistry experiment, but not as intense as in oxygen).
4. If the output terminal is connected to several voltage-compression circuits composed of several high-voltage capacitors and high-voltage rectifiers, DC high voltage can be generated, and negative ion generators can be produced.
5. This transformer is also suitable for 12V voltage, but it is necessary to increase the base feedback resistance to about 150Ω~1.5KΩ. The resistance value should be adjusted from large to small, and it should not be too small, otherwise it will not burn the transistor or transformer. Should be too large, affect the output effect too much or make the triode work in non-switching state and generate heat seriously.
6. The transformer is designed to have a maximum output of 15KV. The maximum limit output must not exceed 15KV, that is, a 1.5cm arc. Higher output voltages may damage the transformer. For reliable and long-term continuous work, it is recommended to completely seal it with insulating wax or epoxy resin. Work is prohibited when no work is done.
Package included:
1 X 15KV high frequency high voltage transformer

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