60 126 200 LED Plant Grow Light Bulb 360 Desk Chip Flexible Growth Lamp for Greenhouse Flower

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Description :60 126 200 LED Plant Grow Light Bulb Desk Chip 360 Flexible Growth Lamp for Greenhouse HydroponicsFlower Vegetable PlantingPlants in the greenhouse or laboratory, can completely replace the natural light, to promote plant growth.  Not only can regulate flowering and seed crops, but also to control plant height and plant nutrients.Apply to Hydroponic, gardening, Greenhouse Lighting, Seeding, Breeding, Farm, Flower Exhibition, Garden, potted plants, etc.Features :

With 110V – 240V input, suitable for any country use.
Contains no harmful elements, environmental friendly.
Low power consumption, high luminous efficiency and long service life.
Wavelength type of rich, coinciding with plant photosynthesis and optical spectral range morphogenesis anastomosis.

High luminous efficiency: 90% emitted light can be absorbed by plants.Specification :

 60 LED126 LED200LED
Led Quantity40Red + 20Blue90Red + 36Blue166Red + 34Blue
Power6W 15W20W
Size50mm x 50mm x 55mm120mm x 120mm x 120mm90mm x 90mm x 90mm
Beam angle180 degree
LED typeSMD3528
Voltage110V – 240V
Life SpanOver 5000 hours
LED wavelengthRed (620-630 nm, 650-660 nm); blue (440-450 nm, 450-460 nm); orange (610-615 nm)
ApplicationIndoor garden or indoor potted landscapeGreenhouse,Growbox,Grow TentHydroponics Systems equipment
Suit forFlower plants :  tomatoes, chilli , eggplant , Rose ect.Green plants : herbs and leafy vegetables, lettuce , bok choy ect.

Package Includes :1 x Flexible Clip LED Plant Grow LampProduct Detail :

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33329 200LED EU PLUG, 33333 126LED US PLUG


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