Excellway?® L701 12V/110V/220V LCD Digital Programmable Control Power Timer Switch Time Relay

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1.Name: Timer switch
2.Material: Plastic
3.Color: White
4.Display Type: LCD
5.Voltage rating: 12V / 110V / 220V ( choose suitable voltage according to your device )
6.Hysteresis: Less than 1 second per day ( 25 centigrade degree)
7.Timing range: 1min – 168h
8.On/off operation: 16on / 16off
9.Power consumption: <2W
10.Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~55 ℃
11.Ambient humidity: 35-85% RH
12.Size: 66×60×31 mm
Operating step:
1.Press “P” button,setting 1 ON time(display 1 on)
2.Press H+/M+,setting hours and minutes.
3.Press D+,to select same every day,or different time each day.
4.Press “P”,setting 1 off time (display 1 off)
5.Press H+/M+,setting hours and minutes turn off time.
6.Prss D+,if you want the same every day,you need not press this key,
7.Repeat step 2-6,set 2-16 on/off time
8.Press the third button,END.
1.Model: L701
2.Widely used in street lights, neon lights, bells, radio and television equipment, production equipment,electrical equipment and household appliances automatic control.
3.Built-in high-performance batteries as backup power in case of no electricity, can still maintain time display and storage of.
4.Auto timer error correction.(with electron)
5.Repeat programs with 16 on/off setting.
6.Digital electronics general purpose time switch daily and programs.
1. Before starting the program, the timer should be charged for at least 5 minutes as the inbuild battery may be of no battery
2. Before setting the program, press the key button reset, to clear the memorize data for the new instructions;
3. After the program is made, please insert the timer to the plug. Then connect the electric appliance to the timer;
1.This switch is set to open later if time did not open or opened to the off time is not relevant, check the “week” is correct, otherwise readjust.
2. If it is confirmed, “on” and “off” time was exactly the right tone, but this switch should open in time to open, or not to turn off the off time, please check the extra sets of switching time is eliminated, such as Please do not press the “mode” key to cancel. (Note: Switching time display “-: -” only indicates
Eliminate, do not think, “00:00” means eliminated).
3. If the above two all right, and this switching operation is still not normal, check to see if located in “AUTO” position automatically. Or press the clear button to reset.
Package included:
1 x Digital time switch
1 x English user manual

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8036 220V, 8035 110V, 9552 12V


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