Jammer Premium Earplug Kit for Concerts Musicians Bands DJs Nightclubs Motorcycles Sleeping – High Fidelity Noise Reduction – Noise Cancelling – Reusa

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● HEARING PROTECTION without sacrificing sound quality. Jammer Earplugs reduce sound levels without muffling sound, allowing you to enjoy high quality sound at concerts, music festivals, band practice, nightclubs, while motorcycling, and elsewhere.
● CHOOSE YOUR SOUND FILTER to match your needs, kit includes Black UltraFlat™ filters for optimal noise reduction with pristine audio quality, and Red UltraStop™ filters for maximum protection, great for musicians and concerts
● GET THE BEST FIT by choosing between the two included earplug sizes to fit adults and larger kids, and mix and match sizes with your preferred sound filter
● REUSABLE AND PREMIUM COMFORT with Jammer’s durable hypoallergenic silicone, these earplugs remain comfortable for long periods.
● CONVENIENT STORAGE includes a tough aluminum travel case to store and protect your Jammer earplugs, plus a carabiner clip to attach your earplugs to your bag or belt for added convenience.

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Jammer’s mission is to create the best earplugs on the planet. At Jammer we understand that everyone’s different, that’s why we provide a range of sizes and sound filters in our kit so you can customize the perfect earplugs for you.

Premium Comfort
Choose between two earplug sizes to fit your ear size and shape, both made from premium soft and durable hypoallergenic silicone for a snug and comfortable fit.

Premium Sound
Black UltraFlat™ filters for the optimum combination of sound level reduction and pristine audio quality, with typical real-world sound level reduction of 20 decibels. Hear music as it is meant to be heard, hear speech clearly, while protecting your hearing. Ideal for musicians and concerts.

Maximum Protection
Red UltraStop™ filters for maximum sound level reduction. Perfect for times when sound levels are particularly loud or for individuals who prefer maximal protection, with typical real world sound level reduction of 25 decibels. Also great for use on motorcycles.

Compact and Discreet
Jammer earplugs are barely noticeable.

Convenient Storage
The earplug kit includes a sturdy aluminum travel case for storing and protecting your earplugs when not in use. A carabiner clip is provided as well so you can attach your travel case to your jeans, bag, musical instrument case, and elsewhere. Leave them attached so you’ll never forget to take them with you.

Jammer Earplugs are perfect for musicians, performers, music lovers, concert and music festival goers, nightclubbers, dancers, audio engineers,and anyone else who wants to protect their ears and at the same time listen to neutral, high quality sound.


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