Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Ultrasonic Smart Robot | Vacuum Cleaner Control

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Ultrasonic Smart Robot | Vacuum Cleaner Control


Product description     BlitzWolf BW-XRC600 Ultrasonic Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Main Features     BlitzWolf Customized 3350mAh battery
Smart APP Wifi Control

Ultrasonic virtual wall

    Dynamic obstacle avoidance
    Intelligent return navigation
    Sensitive environment detection
Multi working modes optional
Specification     Brand: BlitzWolf®
    Model: BW-XRC600
    Color: Black
    Product Types: Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    Battery capacity: 3350mAh
    Working time: 120min
    Suction: 1200Pa
    Dust tank Capacity: 0.4L
    Package weight: 5.052kg
Note     The plug of the charging adapter is EU plug or US plug
 (banggood will provide a free mini&safe adaptor according to your country)
Package Contents 1 x Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Power Adaptor
1 x Charging Dock
2 x Side Brush
1 x Remote Control
1 x User Manual

If you need additional adapters, please click SKU509491 to select the adapter you want to purchase:)

BlitzWolf Customized 3350mAh
High-quality lithium-ion rechargeable battery, high capacity, no memory effect, more than 120mins continuous working time, easy to handle 150m2+ house
BW-XRC600 has a longer duration in using than Ni-MH and more effective than average Li-ion battery (2000-2600mAh),

(Battery Memory Effect—Which is loss in capacity when the battery is recharged without being fully depleted,
Therefore, with the deficiency, battery lifespan becomes shorter and shorter, the cleaner will not work effectively.)

However, BlitzWolf XRC-600 is here to satisfy all your need!!!
BlitzWolf Smart APP Wifi Control
XRC600 provides App to remote control of your robotic cleaner, no matter how far you are, (3G/4G supported too.)
You can also set your cleaning schedule, once the schedule is set, the robotic cleaner will work automatically as the time you wish, even without wifi.
It is time to farewell outdated and complicated buttons on the machine panel, which you have to press the button repeatedly…

BUT ALSO FOR INVISIBLE DUST !!! That’s a Real Cleaner’s JOB!

We Have Smart Z-shape Cleaning Mode 
General cleaners are only supported “random mode”, “border mode” and “spot mode”, which are wasting power and time in a route that has been cleaning.

BW-XRC600 support Z-Shaped walking mode, allows you to choose this mode to makes your home cleaning more efficiently!
XRC600 will plan a smart road from the beginning, and with the help of the incomparable suction, offer you a cleaner home:) 

253.7UM Cold Cathode UV Light Produce 1500uw/cm3 level UV light, UV sterilize while cleaning the floor, inhibit bacterium breed. AND THAT MEANS

“Please stay in this room.” & “Please don’t enter this room.”
Greatly Improve The Cleaning Efficiency 

Our Deepest Sincerities
By doing all that we could to let the perfect product hand delivery to you.

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Basic Parameters Brand BlitzWolf
Model BW-XRC600
Type Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Certification CE; FCC
Function Parameters Max Suction 1200Pa
Mopping Function No
Dust Box Capacity 0.4L
Water Tank Capacity No
Filter HEPA Filter
Noise 65dB
Control APP; Infrared remote control
Cleaning route Random
Automatic Cleaning Yes
Anti-falling Yes
Wall-follow Yes
Self-recharge Yes
Battery Type 3200mAh Li-ion battery
Charging Time 4h
Working Time 2h
Cleaning Area 180m²
Specifications Rated Voltage 14.4V
Rated Power 25W
Adapter Input Voltage 100-240V 50/60Hz
Adapter Plug Type EU/US (banggood will provide a free mini&safe adaptor according to your country)
Product Weight 3.0kg
Product Size 330*330*80mm
Package Weight 6.2kg
Product Size 540*400*150
Package Contents 1 x Robot Vacuum, 1 x Power Adaptor, 1 x Charging Dock, 2 x Side Brush, 1 x Remote Control, 1 x English User Manual



Ultrasonic Smart Robot


Additional information

Charging voltage



  Theplugofthechargingadapteris EU plugorUS plug   (banggoodwill providea freemini&safeadaptoraccordingtoyourcountry) 


  Brand:BlitzWolf®  Model:BW-XRC600  Color:Black  ProductTypes:RobotVacuumCleaner  Batterycapacity: 3350mAh  Workingtime:120min   Suction:1200Pa   DusttankCapacity:0.4L  Packageweight:5.052kg 


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