Structure Core – Robot Vision

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The perfect sensor for AR/VR SLAM, robot vision, and other embedded applications where great depth performance matters.

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Structure Core – Structure Core Robot Vision


The perfect sensor for AR/VR SLAM, robot vision, and other embedded applications where great depth performance matters.

Structure Core is available in two forms: an embeddable module for integration directly into products, or a ready-to-attach encased sensor protected by an anodized aluminum shell and a scratch-resistant glass face. Use the handy mounting guide and device CAD to create your own custom attachments and integrations.

Depth, refined.

With Structure Core, we’ve rethought depth from the inside-out. The result is a pocket-sized all-in-one computer vision powerhouse, with onboard wide vision camera, stereo infrared, an onboard DSP, and even a color module.

Designed with precision

Now equipped with 3 cameras, onboard IMU and NU3000 processor, Structure Core is our most advanced depth sensor ever.

Wide Vision Camera

Featuring a 160° field-of-view and premium optics.

Stereo Infrared

Twice the infrared cameras compared to Structure Sensor.

Onboard IMU

Structure Core goes deeper than just depth- it tracks motion too.

Premium Materials

Optional aluminum housing.

Powerful Depth ASIC

The onboard NU3000 computes depth and has a programmable DSP with room to expand.

Now with a visible camera

An ultra-wide, monochrome, 160-degree visible spectrum camera accompanies Structure Core. Precisely timestamp-synced with the depth stream, this camera allows SLAM tracking or scene texturing at up to 100 FPS.

Global shutter

The depth and visible frames are global shutters. This means the entire frame is captured at the same time which enables better capture of fast-moving objects and scenes.

Dimensions and Weight
Weight: 52.5 grams (enclosed) Weight: 26.5 grams (bare module)
Depth Processing On-device using NU3000 ASIC
Depth Min/Max
Z Distance
0.3-5m. Up to 10m (Depending on scene & lighting conditions.)
Depth Precision ± 0.29% (Plane-fit RMS at 1m.)
Depth Resolution
& Frame Rate
1280 x 960 @ 54 FPS

1280 x 800 @ 60 FPS (Vertical Crop)

Depth FOV (H x V x D) 59° x 46° x 70°
Visible Resolution
& Frame Rate
640 x 480 @ 100 FPS

Both ultra-wide vision camera and color camera

Visible FOV (Diagonal)

160° ultra-wide vision monochrome camera


85° color camera

IMU Bosch BMI055

6-Axis (Gyro and Accelerometer), up to 1000 Hz

Up to 2000Hz if streaming only Gyro or Accelerometer

Projector Laser projector module (infrared, Class 1 rating for eye safety)
Use Environment Indoor / Outdoor 1
Power 2.0W (typical active), 3.1W (typical maximum)
Connectivity USB 3 (Type-C), USB 2.0 operation supported
Operating Temperature
(Ambient) 2
0° to 35° C (32° to 95° F) (ambient, open air) 2
Platforms structure sensor core
Hardware Architecture

1 For outdoor use, integrators must protect Structure Core against dust and water ingress.

2 Higher operating temperatures may be achievable but have not been tested yet outside the stated range.


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