Swimming Solar Pool Cover 12m x 6m

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Pool Duties
Maximise your time enjoying your pool instead of cleaning it, by keeping leaf litter and bugs out and reducing the chances of your filter clogging with this 400 micron pool cover.
Reduce Evaporation By Over 97%
Genuine 400 micron technology means your pool cover will last longer than the thinner ones on the market. Plus it will provide greater heat retention and will be more effective in reducing water evaporation – by up to 97%!!
Save Water Save On Chemicals
Reduce your rate of evaporation and you’ll also reduce the amount you spend on chemicals for your pool. Win-Win!

These heavy duty covers are made from the highest quality material which is salt, chlorine, and sun resistant.
Make the smart choice – buy a quality cover directly from us, the importers, and start saving today.
* Increase temperature by 4-6 degrees
* Reduce overnight heat loss
* Prevent indoor condensation
* Reduce water evaporation by over 97%
* Save over 50% on chemical costs
* Blocks leaves and dirt

* 1 x Cover 12m x 6.4m


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