Timekettle WT2 Edge/W3 Real-time Translator Earbuds

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Rapid Translation with Your In-Ear Interpreter

Your words can be translated and played in the other person’s ear in just 0.5 seconds.

*Translation speed may vary depending on factors such as network environment, usage, and more.

Effortless and Efficient Communication

2-way Simultaneous Interpretation

Edge enables seamless and real-time translation for efficient communication. It’s perfect for lengthy and detailed conversations where every word counts. There is no more need to pause after every sentence, as you can now enjoy a natural and fluent conversation experience that is unmatched by any other interpretation technology available.

A Universal Solution and Beyond

We offer 4 different modes to cater to your translation needs and scenarios.



A Complete Immersion Experience

01 Simul Mode

This EXCLUSIVE mode of WT2 Edge enables you to have seamless, real-time conversations as if you were speaking the same language. Sharing your earbuds is all it takes to immerse yourself naturally without any pauses or complex controls.

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For Turn-Taking Speech

02 Touch Mode

With Touch Mode, just tap your earbuds to start communicating. Your words will be instantly translated and relayed to your partner’s earbuds. This mode is ideal for turn-taking scenarios and noisy environments.

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Be Heard Loud and Clear

03 Speaker Mode

With Speaker Mode, wearing WT2 Edge allows for your voice to be recognized, simultaneously interpreted, and then broadcast to others through the speaker of your phone or even a sound system connected to your phone.

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Be in the Loop

04 Listen Mode

Listen Mode allows for interpretation of speech picked up by your smartphone’s microphone. The interpreted speech is then played back through your earbuds, keeping you connected and engaged with people around you.

6-Person Bilingual Meeting

Moreover, Touch mode allows up to six individuals to have face-to-face bilingual conversations. Multiple pairs of earbuds can be connected to a single mobile device using low-energy Bluetooth connectivity. This enables various bilingual combinations such as 1 to 5, 2 to 4, and 3 to 3, allowing all participants to engage in the transnational dialogue.

Expanding Your Communication Horizons

40 Languages & 93 Accents

WT2 Edge provides online translation for 40 languages and 93 accents, covering 85% of the world’s population. The earbuds are designed to adapt to various dialects and variations, allowing you to easily navigate new environments and communicate with locals.

Stay Connected, even Without the Internet

13 Language Pairs Offline

WT2 Edge offers offline translation for 13 language pairs across 8 languages, perfect for remote areas with limited internet access or avoiding roaming charges.

* Please make sure to purchase offline language packages before using them.

How We Achieve Seamless Translation

Revolutionizing Translation Technology

We have taken translation to the next level by implementing an innovative technical framework that propels our product in speech processing, simultaneous interpretation, and AI translation.


Smart Noise Reduction

WT2 Edge utilizes advanced dual beamforming microphones and directional voice recognition technology, augmented by smart noise reduction capabilities, to effectively isolate your voice and filter out background noise such as traffic and pen tapping. This ensures that your words are captured with crystal clear clarity and translated with utmost precision and accuracy.


Up to 95% Accuracy

We created an AI platform with our own translation engine and partnerships with top tech companies worldwide (DeepL, Google, Microsoft, iFlytek, etc). Our platform provides precise and speedy interpretation for specific industries and multiple languages.


Fast & Smooth

With a global network of 15 servers, WT2 Edge offers lightning-fast translations, delivering professional-level translations that ensure seamless communication during crucial board meetings and client presentations.

Unleashing Additional Features

For the Ultimate User Experience



Powerful 12-hour Battery Life

WT2 Edge has a long battery life, providing 3 hours of interpretation without charging, and up to 12 hours with the portable charging case for uninterrupted interpretation all day.

*Testing by Timekettle lab is only for reference and battery life varies based on settings, environment, usage, and more.



Improved Wearing Experience

Using user feedback from our last generation of WT2, we have optimized our half-in-ear earbuds for a secure and comfortable fit. The lightweight design enhances the immersive experience and allows for extended wear. Cleaning is also easy and hassle-free.



Exporting Translation Records

With Timekettle’s voice-to-text and text-to-text recording capabilities, creating meeting minutes is effortless. You can trust WT2 translators devices to handle all languages, and your notes will be automatically saved to the cloud in your desired language. You can easily download, copy, and share them without any hassle.

About WT2 Edge

2-way Simultaneous Interpretation

The world-leading AI-powered translator earbuds allow for seamless and comfortable in-depth multilingual conversations at any time.

Standby Time


Continuous Translation Time


Charging Time




Battery Charging

USB Type-C


Via Bluetooth

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Online & Offline Translation with Zero-iOS for iPhones Bundle – White, Online & Offline Translation with Zero-iOS for iPhones Bundle – Black, Online & Offline Translation with Zero-Type C for Android Phones Bundle – White, nline & Offline Translation with Zero-Type C for Android Phones Bundle – Black, Online Translation – White, Online Translation – Black, Online & Offline Translation – White, Online & Offline Translation – Black