SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer

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SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer

Monitor the environment around you.



  • Size : 60 × 28 × 20 mm ( 2.4 × 1.1 × 0.8 in.)
  • Weight : 20 g (without batteries)

Product details

  • Temperature range: −20 ℃ to 60 ℃1. With Zinc-manganese batteries pre-installed: −20 ℃ to 60 ℃2.
  • If replaced with lithium batteries: −40 ℃ to 60 ℃
  • Storage conditions: Temperature: −40 ℃ to 60 ℃Time: ≤ 6 months
  • Resolution: 0.1 ℃ / 0.1 ℉
  • Temperature accuracy: −20 to 0 ℃ /−4 to 32 ℉(±0.4°C / ±0.72°F typical, ±0.6°C / ±1.08°F maximum)
  • 0 to 65 ℃ /32 to 149 ℉ (±0.2°C / ±0.36°F typical, ±0.4°C / ±0.72°F maximum)
  • 65 to 80 ℃ /149 to 176 ℉ (±0.4°C / ±0.72°F typical, ±0.6°C / ±1.08°F maximum)
  • Humidity range: 0 to 100 % RH
  • Resolution: 1 % RH
  • Humidity accuracy: 0 to 10 % RH (±3 % typical, ±5% maximum)
  • 10 % to 90 % RH (±1.8 % typical, ±3.5% maximum)
  • 90 % to 99 % RH (±3 % typical, ±5% maximum)(under a ambient relative humidity of 25 °C)
  • Dry: 0 to 29 % RH
  • Comfortable: 30 % to 70 % RH with temperature between 20 °C to 26 °C(Displays only when temperature and humidity conditions are both met.)
  • Humid: >70 % RH ISO7730 standard
  • Button Functions: Short press, Long press for 2s: Add device, Long press for 15s: Reset to factory settings
  • Battery Detection: Supports battery detection and low battery notifications
  • Data Refresh Interval: 4s
  • Local Data Storage: 68 days
  • Cloud Data Storage: At least 2 years
  • Numbers Supported by Hub: 120 pcs
  • Temperature Unit: ℃/℉
  • Placement Methods: Lanyard, Place on a shelf
  • Power Source: AAA*2
  • Weather Resistance: IP65
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Connection Distance: 120 m in open area
  • Certificates: CE, UKCA, Telec, RoHs, FCC-ID

Indoors, outside, use Indoor/Outdoor Meter wherever you want.

Check temperature and humidity data via your smartphone with ease.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 12

IP65 Waterproof

With an IP65 waterproof rating your device is protected against water splashes, rain, and even dust.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 13

Place Anywhere

Features a compact design, and comes with a portable lanyard that can be used anywhere.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 14

Use Smart Alerts

Get real-time access to temperature and humidity alerts and notifications via our app.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 15

Part of SwitchBot Ecosystem

Can be used with other SwitchBot smart home devices.

Made to be durable.

Even if the Indoor/Outdoor Meter comes into contact with splashes in the bathroom or rain outside, you’ll be protected by an IP65 coating that gives you more peace of mind when using either indoors or outdoors.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 16

Place Indoor/Outdoor Meter anywhere.

With the lanyard included, you can place our meter anywhere. Wherever you want and monitor temperature, dryness, and humidity changes.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 17

We’re not afraid to splash around.

Your device is protected in the bathroom, kitchen, around the swimming pool, or even outside.

Great for looking after the things that matter.

Use in baby and pet rooms, wardrobes, cigar boxes, greenhouses, and take care of the important things at home.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 20

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 23

Take with you on the go.

Place in guitar boxes, put it on backpacks, hang it in the car, take our meter with you on the go!

Stay on top of temperature and humidity changes.

Monitor temperature and humidity changes around you, and timely adjust should need be so that family, pets, and plants are left in a healthy and comfortable environment.

A more accurate way to sense.

With a built-in industrial grade Swiss Sensirion high-precision sensor, you’re able to refresh temperature and humidity data every 4 seconds, It can quickly monitor subtle changes in temperature and humidity, providing more accurate and trustworthy data.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 26
SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 27

Get smart alerts via our app.

Temperature, humidity, absolute humidity, Dew Point, and VPD can be monitored in real-time, and when a value goes out of your own set range, you’ll be able to receive alerts via our app on your smartphone, reminding you to take timely preventive measures.

*Remote alerts requires a SwitchBot Hub Mini or SwitchBot Hub 2.

Voice command compatible.

Want to know the temperature and humidity in a quick and convienient way? Just ask Alexa, it’s that easy. In addition to Alexa, Indoor/Outdoor Meter also supports other smart assistants like Google Home, Siri Shortcuts, and SmartThings.

*Alexa supports both temperature and humidity queries.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 28

Use with SwitchBot Hub for a simple way to build your own smart home.

When used with SwitchBot Hub Mini or SwitchBot Hub 2, Indoor/Outdoor Meter is able to connect to your own smart home ecosystem that can include old infrared appliances, and other SwitchBot devices too to help improve indoor temperature, dryness, and humidity.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 29

Cool things down when it gets too hot.

Turn your Air Conditioner on and off when a certain temperature is reached, all done automatically via our app.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 30

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 31

Connect to SwitchBot Hub 2

SwitchBot Hub 2 features a screen that can display the temperature and humidity of your Indoor/Outdoor Meter, providing early warning notifications by flashing on your SwitchBot Hub 2 device screen and emitting a sound to alert you.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 32

Use multiple meters to monitor the whole home.

Place multiple Indoor/Outdoor Meters in different rooms to monitor a ton of different environments, including children’s bedrooms, plant rooms, and even areas where you might keep pets. With a SwitchBot Hub even if you’re in the office or on vacation, you can still remotely monitor the temperature and humidity environment at home and receive smart alert notifications without having to be in Bluetooth range.

*Find out more about SwitchBot Hub Mini and SwitchBot Hub 2.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 33
SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 34

Store and export data.

Take advantage of up to 68 days worth of local storage, or 2 years of cloud storage (SwitchBot Hub required). And view and export temperature, humidity, absolute humidity, dew point, and VPD data when using our app.

Features longer battery life.

Indoor/Outdoor Meter comes with two removable batteries, and a low power consumption design that can give you up to 2 years of battery life. You’ll also get low battery notifications via our app when you need to change batteries.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 35
SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 36

Compact and lightweight.

Weighing in at just 44g, our meter is easy to carry, doesn’t take up space, and you can even use the lanyard provided and attach to your backpack when going outside.

Share device information with family & friends.

With Home Sharing, you can add multiple accounts and manage device with your family or friends, allowing them to monitor temperature and humidity data together.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 37

An ever easier way to get started.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 38

Download the SwitchBot App.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 39

Remove the plastic from all I/O Meters’ batteries.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer 40

Add your device to our App.

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